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Figuring out a strong marketing strategy is an important part of ensuring that business is successful. It can be difficult, at first, to think of marketing ideas that will make your business stand out from all the rest. You might need to get a little creative. It can help to start by considering types of marketing like social media, urban marketing, and contest marketing. Learn some new plans that could work for you by reading our list of creative marketing ideas to boost your business.

Market on Social Media

There are many social media outlets now that can make marketing easier and more cost-effective. Create a strong social media presence with videos and webinars. Post infographics about your products that will allow potential customers to get the information they need quickly. Incentivize customer reviews and page “likes” to get more traffic to your page. If your company does youth marketing, then stay up-to-date on social media meme and hashtag trends. Social media marketing also has the added benefit of research. You can learn about your target audience and gather data on what customers want.

Use a Contest Marketing Strategy

This is one of the most creative marketing ideas to boost your business. Contests are a great way to get people interested in your products while having a fun competition. Consider trying some of the following contests: a photo challenge, write the best caption, create a video, or writing contest. Other ways to attract new customers are with sweepstakes or an open poll on a popular topic.

Create Attractive Labels for Your Products

Give your products eye-catching labels to increase sales. An attractive label is clean and simple, has a specific color scheme, and uses fonts that are easy to read and match the company’s brand. Avoid using too many colors or fonts, as this can overwhelm the eye. Consider using a unique shape instead of the standard rectangle or circle. Include contact information somewhere on the label to continue to market your products. Additionally, it can be helpful to look further into how labels can affect your marketing efforts.

Try Mural Marketing and Creative Billboards

Mural marketing and marketing through street art are creative ways to advertise, especially in urban areas. Consider commissioning an artist to paint a mural that includes your product. Art catches the public’s attention while displaying your brand. Billboards are also useful if you get creative with them. Choose something visually appealing, bold, or funny. You can also add 3D pieces or paint them in a way that looks 3D. Viewers see billboards quickly, so they must stand out and be memorable.

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