Minimalism in Beauty & Fashion

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Is minimalism all black and white or entirely shades of neutral? Not at all. You can define your own minimalism, should you choose to embrace it. With it, you can simplify your life, your closet, and even your beauty routine. Whether you decide to build a basic wardrobe or a simplified collection of beauty products tailored precisely to your needs, you can make the trend work for you. It helps to know what minimalism looks like in your day-to-day life. That will help you envision it as your new aesthetic.

The Basics of Basics

In both beauty and fashion, minimalism celebrates the basics. With the basics, you can’t go wrong. More than that, you will always have something to wear. Your color palettes will always match. Your individual pieces will never clash. When you embrace a minimalist fashion aesthetic, you embrace timelessness. You can spend more on your clothes because you can buy fewer pieces. Invest in quality even if you have to splurge on one piece at a time. Curate your wardrobe carefully as you make choices. Think about your personal aesthetic and the items you wear most often. Those are the pieces that deserve a place in your closet. They will ensure that you look and feel attractive, confident, and powerful each time you walk out your door.

That applies to your beauty products and cosmetics, as well. Although it’s fun to splash out with a purple lip or show off in sparkling eyeshadow once in a while, that’s not practical or sustainable. Place your trust in the neutrals that work with your complexion, eye color, and hair color. Arm your skincare and beauty routine with products that work with your skin and hair.

Embracing Multipurpose Pieces and Products

Who doesn’t love a versatile wardrobe? That’s essentially what you get when you put together a minimalist closet. As we mentioned, every piece should coexist harmoniously, and almost everything should go together. That allows you to mix and match a variety of pieces, which increases your wardrobe potential while streamlining it, provides an array of casual chic outfits, and improves the overall shelf-life of your clothing.

For minimalist beauty products, the concept is somewhat the same. Multipurpose products allow you to cut down on all the stuff in your bathroom or vanity. Why not buy a lip and cheek stain in your color? Find a foundation or a moisturizer with SPF added. Choose a toner that can also remove your makeup.


Choosing Your Colors

Too many people believe that going minimalist means turning your back on vivid colors – or colors at all beyond the traditional neutrals, such as beige, black, cream, grey, navy blue, and white. That’s not the case – feel free to include bright pops of color in both your clothing and your makeup. In fact, if colors are what you prefer, then you don’t even have to stick to neutrals to maintain a minimalist aesthetic. You just have to keep your collection of clothes and cosmetics, well, minimal.

Going Green

One of the reasons that minimalism continues to grow in popularity, particularly among millennials, is because it’s a more sustainable form of fashion and beauty. Cultivating a minimalist wardrobe means that you won’t be buying tons of new clothes, which cuts down on a portion of the time and energy that goes into making them. Your wardrobe may also contain top-of-the-line thrift store finds. Multipurpose beauty products allow you to avoid buying more plastic. Decreasing your carbon footprint that way may seem small, but it will have a positive ripple effect.

Skipping the Latest Craze

Staying up to date with fads and trends is both exhausting and expensive. It’s often a wasteful practice, too. Fads are fickle and go out of style all too quickly. Adopting a minimalist aesthetic makes it easier to ignore all but the most appealing fads. If a new trend catches your eye then, by all means, indulge. Don’t fall for the hype every time, though, and don’t waste a lot of money buying something new and shiny. Your core wardrobe should be quality, but you can snag a fad on the cheap because you won’t care that it falls apart in the washer after its fourth or fifth wash.

Keeping It Simple

Simplicity may not be the key to happiness, but it can jimmy the lock. Simple lines, simple color palettes, simple collections – you can significantly cut down on moments of frustration and indecision when you simplify your beauty collection and your fashion selection. You always have the perfect dress, the right pair of trousers, the exact shade of lipstick that you need.

What does minimalism look like for you? You may simply choose to pare down your wardrobe to perfection or clean out the drawers of your vanity. It might mean mod mini skirts or a closet full of tailored menswear-inspired pieces. Tell us how minimalism translates to your lifestyle.

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