Maddox Lim Sings On Complex Connections in “Hollow Dreams”

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Listening to Maddox Lim’s debut single “Hollow Dreams,” we’re invited to power-ballad our way through how relationships transform us. This moving, introspective, and refreshingly honest track touches on the ups and downs of relationships and the importance of connection. As the young Asian-American pop-rock singer is accompanied by a melodic buildup of piano, drums, and guitar rhythms, we reflect on the giving-and-taking with our attachments.

There is great maturity in realizing that we need one another. “‘Hollow Dreams’ is about the relationships that we struggle with in our lives,” comments Maddox Lim. “Whether between family members or friends, our loved ones are the ones who bring us the most joy but also the most disappointment and pain.”

This passionate track was written by Lim and produced by Bernard Yagee, and asks the ever-relevant question: how can someone’s presence be both comforting and painful? And how do we deal with the space they leave?

It’s an ambitious and energetic starting point for Maddox Lim to begin a solo project, who previously developed his sound as the lead singer of the band Rooted. It reflects the moxie of an inspiring creative generation that wants to say it as it is, and wants to be heard for it.

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