How to plan a home decoration project and why getting a 3D interior rendering service is a great idea

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It may be exciting to have the opportunity to decorate your home, but it is also a bit scary. Where do you start, and what if you make expensive mistakes?

The truth is you can start anywhere, but you have a greater chance of success if you start with a plan, something like a favourite art piece, a well-loved piece of furniture, or your favourite colour. And you have an even greater chance of success if you have this secret weapon: 3D interior visualization.

What is 3D interior visualization?

3D interior visualization is the production of a computer-generated image of an interior environment, also referred to as 3D rendering. 3D renderings present ultra-realistic images that are hard to distinguish from photographs.

Think of 3D visualization in terms of beautiful photographs of what you want the interior of your home to look like. So, to begin your home decorating project, find pictures online or in magazines that appeal to you to inspire you and the designer at the 3D interior rendering company you will be working with. The designer can use these pictures to help you redesign the interior of your home.   

3D interior rendering can help you in many ways to make a roaring success of your home decorating project.

Transform your living space

3D architectural interior rendering services can produce 3D floor plans of your home showing each room as it will look like once your design ideas have been implemented. A 3D rendering of your newly designed interior space will show you how your chosen lighting, furniture, decorations, textures, and colours will look in the space.

The software that your chosen 3D interior rendering company will use, has put vast libraries of different textures, furniture styles, floor and wall finishes, and 3D objects for designers to work with.     

  • Walls: 3D software libraries for wall finishes have a surprising scope of choices that homeowners might want to consider. Apart from the infinite hues of wall paints, there are stone tiles, marble powder finish, mirrors, laminate finish, different bricks, and more.
  • Flooring: It is not always possible to visualize a floor finish accurately. You might be convinced that a certain carpet texture will be perfect but once laid down it just doesn’t look like you envisaged it. High-quality 3D interior visualization services can replace that carpet for you in no time and incorporate the replacement in a 3D rendering to give you an instant impression of what another finish will look like.
  • Lighting: How the light will behave in a space is one of the most important aspects of interior decorating. 3D architectural interior rendering services use software that can imitate how various light sources will affect the atmosphere of a room. The software can show if a window will allow enough light in and if the proposed light fittings will create the sort of atmosphere you want at night. The software will also show how a color will behave in different light conditions. For instance, a color that appears just right in the afternoon light might look too bright in the light morning.
  • Colors: I don’t know about you, but it’s impossible for me to choose a wall color from these tiny slips of color charts they hand out at hardware stores. Time and time again, my ‘perfect’ color turns out to be less than perfect. Thank the fairies for 3D rendering. Now we can swap out colors and view them in a 3D environment exactly as they will appear in real life. No mistakes and no disappointments.
  • Textiles: Samples and swatches of textiles for curtains and upholstery have the same limitation as paint color charts. Most people can’t visualize from a small textile sample what an entire sofa will look like covered in it. 3D interior rendering can produce any textile you want and change it at the push of a button.
  • Furniture: A 3D render is a quick way to see if the furniture you have in mind for a room will work. If the furniture looks too bulky you can change it for smaller or different style furniture. 3D rendering allows designers to move or resize furniture to create a space that is both beautiful and functional.

3D interior rendering uses advanced visualization tools that allow homeowners to explore all aspects of a design, make changes, and preview changes from different angles, ensuring complete satisfaction at the end of a home decorating project. 

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