Kao Wonder’s New Single and Video Is A Sultry Version of “SexyBack”

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(Los Angeles, CA) March 30, 2022 – Kao Wonder, the rising pop artist, has goals to change the world, one song at a time. His constant messages of empowerment, self-love, awareness, and acceptance are what make his music stand out, targeting a wider audience and lifestyle movement in an era where self-love and empowerment is at its lowest.

“The music lays the foundation & the brand leads the movement. This is my calling,” shares Kao. He’s the only entertainer who infuses retro rhythmic and dance patterns with Urban Pop music to provide a classic feel, while reaching out to captivate more fans within the Millennial and overall LGTBQ Communities. 

Kao Wonder just released his cover of Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack” and the accompanying music video. The song itself is all about the dance vibes. Kao’s interpretation of the track has a smooth and subtle beat and he filters it through a BDSM lens.

Says Kao about the song. “I l LOVED this whole album “Future Sex Love Sounds”, but I loved “SexyBack”  the most, its boldness, its sassiness, and the funky beat. I wanted to capture another element of those lyrics. Something a bit more dancey and house-like for all my dancers out there. It was also no coincidence that at this time FIFTY SHADES FREED also came out, and well let’s just say I read the novels! So, I had BDSM in mind when I created the song, hence the video.”

Kao utilizes color, in the dance sequences and with the costumes the dancers wear, to represent different aspects of sexual freedom, love, and awareness. Kao plays a character named Klever and he wears an all white suit in the video which represents masturbation, and the red represents fisting, which we see as a constant background color and the color worn by the woman dominated Kao, who is an active member of the BDSM community.

He also represents light blue (oral sex), dark blue (anal sex) and can be seen worn by the two leashed people around Kao, orange (anything goes), green (for hustler seen on the Queen of the house), purple (for piercings, represented by the woman who let Kao in at the beginning), grey (for bondage), and yellow (for the water element).

“For this video, I wanted to match the visuals with the original concept that I created for the song years ago. What makes this video so special for me though is the Representation

My Assistant Creative Director and I wanted to really incorporate ALL cultures in the community, as we have noticed the lack of diversity whenever the BDSM community is either discussed or visualized. We wanted to have fun, keep to the sexy theme, and throw an all inclusive party, no matter one’s preference, gender identity, race, culture, or political views. I think that’s very important now getting back to a United front” 

Watch “Sexy Back”

KAO WONDER  - Sexy Back  (Cover)

More About Kao Wonder

Love and Music are the tools used when Raphel ‘Kao Wonder ‘ Faison engages with the world to conquer hearts and inspire hope whenever he touches a stage. Hailing from the rough but authentic parts of Brooklyn, New York City, Käo got the calling at a very young age following under his Mother and Father’s shadow. He would hear his Mom sing beautiful tunes choring around the house, and Dad was an instrumentalist (playing tuba) and DJ/MC for local but notarized Hip Hop Group Odyssey Disco.” Finding his natural dance grooves by watching music videos of iconic Michael and Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Prince, and Chris Brown, Käo also had a fascination with his radio, jamming and singing alongside it as if he himself was singing mostly during the afternoon and even in the late nights. He began to take the next steps of Showmanship in middle school, majoring in Performing Arts.

In high school, he became known as the “go to” guy for dance competitions, as he trained himself in Street Jazz, Modern, and Hip Hop. After graduating, Kao moved to Atlanta to pursue dance, and there his life forever changed.

In Atlanta, Kao received his alias name from the word “Chaotic “ (spelled Kayohtiq) , which described the dynamic energy and unspoken charisma he exuded. He quickly drew the attention of some of ATL’s finest choreographers and dance agencies and he signed with DDO. Deep down, he knew he wanted to do more than dance. He had a book filled with original lyrics and song concepts and the urge to create music took over. With the idea of infusing dance and songs, he formed a boy band called Illicit Vice.Pop music wasn’t a popular trend in the South at that time, so the boys moved to Los Angeles and shortly after disbanded. As heartbroken Kao was, he continued as a solo artist. 

Today, he creates tunes that center on themes of self awareness, love, and empowerment. At his core he is still inspired by dance and electronic music. Kao hopes to bridge the past sounds with the present, using retro-inspired ingredients as a foundation layering them with personal edge, and attitude. Calling his fans his “Highs&Lows”, which represents the people who are naturally energetic or a bit hopeless and down on life, Kao plans to lead a nation of warriors, whose goals are not to only enjoy the music and live show experience, but also to increase a strong sense of pride within themselves in the process.

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