Kao Wonder Wants to Spread Love By Music in His Song Safe Space

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Brooklyn-native Raphel Faison, artistically known as Kao Wonder, employs love and music to conquer hearts and inspire hope. With a mother who sang under every chore and a father who played Tuba and was the DJ/MC for local hip hop group Odyssey Disco, Kao was bound to run into music’s arms. Throughout middle and high school, Kao was deeply into the performing arts, specifically dance. He trained himself in Street Jazz, Modern, and more importantly Hip Hop to eventually become the go to for a dance show. After graduating, Kao moved to Atlanta to pursue his passion of dance and quickly drew the attention of many of Atlanta’s finest choreographers. However, he knew he wanted more than to just dance. He had a book filled with original lyrics and song/melody ideas, and pretty soon the urge to inspire musically took over.

His single “Safe Space” from his album, EVOLUTION, is a classic dance pop song, with Aaliyah and Beyoncé influence, a 70’s style Calvin Harris sort of beat, and Neyo-like vocals. Lyrically poetic as much as musically moving, he sings about finding a safe space in someone. He sings “I wanna run away, I wanna run away, but I’m gonna stay, I’m gonna stay.” Imagine fighting the inevitable, falling for someone in your heart who you consider your “safe space”. If that sounds like you, Kao tells your story to the world, letting everyone know that ‘your the space I’m safe in.’ It’s about fighting the fear and finding that person you feel safe with. “Safe Space” is yet another anthem in the Kao catalog!

Kao plans to lead a nation of warriors, whose goals are not to only enjoy the music and show experience he provides, but increase or a develop a strong sense of pride and ownership to themselves in the process. Love and Music is all he needs to spread his message of empowerment. “Safe Space” is a beautiful example of that. Be sure to listen now.

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