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Joy Williams to release solo album ‘Venus’ on June 30

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Joy Williams’ eagerly awaited new solo album VENUS is now available for pre-order.

VENUS will be released June 30th on Sensibility Music/Columbia Records. A new track from the album, “Until The Levee” is available as an instant download to fans who pre-order the album, along with VENUS’ acclaimed first single, “Woman (Oh Mama).”   

The official music video for VENUS’ kickoff single, “Woman (Oh Mama),” premiered at the end of April on VEVO. Joy made her first solo TV appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers on May 11, she performed “Woman (Oh Mama)”. Watch the clip here. 

The bold lead-off single from VENUS continues to garner acclaim, with Rolling Stone hailing it as ‘a pop-leaning, empowering tune unlike anything the folk duo (The Civil Wars) ever recorded…,’  VENUS is Joy’s first full-length solo album since forming the multiple Grammy winning duo The Civil Wars, a potent musical partnership that ended in 2014. Joy describes the resolve that went into the making of VENUS and the inspiration behind the new song, “Until The Levee.”  

“I heard a quote once, I think originally by Eleanor Roosevelt, that said, ‘A woman is like a bag of tea… you never know how strong she is until she’s put in hot water.’ When I was writing ‘Until the Levee’, I felt like I was swimming in that hot water. Everyone was asking about the abrupt end of The Civil Wars, I was trying to sort out a new rhythm as a new mother, fighting for my marriage which was going through a major overhaul, and reeling over my Dad’s terminal cancer diagnosis. I felt like I was up to my eyeballs in it all. There was a battle within myself: I could either let it all drown me, or I could learn to swim. I felt this pull, to find a new steady amidst what was feeling like total chaos. ‘Until The Levee’ was the second of almost 80 songs I wrote for VENUS. It’s the beginning glimmer of me finding that fight from within, to grow stronger from navigating through the pain, not away from it. This was one of the first moments I chose to stand there, determined to get through to the other side.”  – Joy Williams

Both “Until The Levee” and “Woman (Oh Mama)” will be featured on VENUS, along with “Before I sleep” and “What A Good Woman Does”. Joy’s most recent album was her final effort as a member of the four time Grammy winning duo The Civil Wars, 2013’s self-titled The Civil Wars, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 Chart. 


“…introduces a fresh pop sound.” – NPR Music


“…spirited, eclectic…” – Rolling Stone 


“…sure does fill me up with some major girl-power joy!” – Entertainment Weekly


“…showcases a more bubbly, pop-oriented side to Williams.” – Consequence of Sound


“It’s more upbeat and encompasses a completely different sound. The sassy and soulful tune is an empowering one that celebrates females…” – Diffuser 




VENUS Tracklisting:

1. Before I Sleep

2. Sweet Love of Mine

3. Woman (Oh Mama)

4. One Day I Will

5. Not Good Enough

6. What a Good Woman Does

7. Until the Levee

8. You Loved Me

9. The Dying Kind

10. Till Forever

11. Welcome Home

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