Joshua Sheppard Shares New Single ‘Rolling Thunder’

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Hailing from Ontario, Joshua Sheppard is an emerging music artist who has released his upbeat indie-pop single ‘Rolling Thunder’.

‘Rolling Thunder’ hones in on the foundation of his love for music and creative ambitions. The indie-pop offering infuses electric guitar, piano, drums, some minor fillers, and vocals. There’s a fun vibe to the track that showcases Joshua Sheppard’s exceptional musical talents.

Based on an event he had when he was younger, Joshua Sheppard penned this song. He went to the studio to cut the track. Firstly, he recorded it with vocals and an acoustic guitar, before changing the production to add other crucial musical components to the tune.

Joshua Sheppard comments on the track, “‘Rolling Thunder’ is about looking back at a fond memory in life, and not feeling sad it’s gone, rather using those emotions to propel yourself forward into the future to even better things. In my case, the song is based on a true story from my childhood”.

Joshua Sheppard - Rolling Thunder (Official Music Video)

Written by: Joshua Sheppard

Produced by: Blueprint Sound

Video by Phase: Four Productions

Lead Guitarist: Tommy Joseph

Publicity and Media Relations: Liberty Music, London, England

Advertising: Adam Zimmerman from Data Max Outdoor Signs

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