Jakk Fynn Exerts Resilient Anthem for Loving Self with Meow

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Los Angeles, CA – Following the release of his single “Don’t Call,” Jakk Fynn is continuing the confidence found from deep introspection with his latest song, “Meow.” An empowering track rooted in Fynn’s experience of feeling outcasted while internalizing his transgender identity, his declaration of authenticity and faith seeks to help others by maintaining a positive mentality. “Meow” is now available to stream on digital music platforms worldwide.

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Co-written by longtime producer Danny Balistocky and Jakk Fynn, and produced by Balistocky, “Meow” is a track filled with sweet synths and warm waves of vocals. Unveiling his resilience from the ongoing mental health issues suffered while discovering himself, “‘Meow,’ touches on these daily struggles while simultaneously reminding myself to stay in the present in light of the impermanence of everything,” says Fynn. “Even though my struggles are rooted in my queer experience, I wanted to write a song that was still relatable for anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, or loneliness in hopes that they’ll feel a little more seen, validated, and less alone.” Although written from queer experiences, Fynn hopes to cultivate a track that brings listeners a sense of solace, even when dealing with various mental health struggles.

Jakk Fynn has been used to unfamiliar territory all his life. The singer-songwriter grew up embracing the likes of Nirvana, The Beach Boys, and ‘NSYNC but had a difficult time earning the support of those around him as he embarked on his musical journey. While building his conviction for self-love, Fynn became aware of the lack of transmasculine representation in the pop space. His authenticity and candidness from his experiences have supplied stories to narrate in his music and prove to be the catalyst for his tough, secure attitude and consciousness. His music has been touted by Vogue, The Advocate, HuffPost, Billboard, Alt Press, and many more.

“Meow” will be followed by an official music video out on June 8th. Jakk Fynn will be performing alongside various queer artists at Pride celebrations, including the Milwaukee Pridefest on June 4th, Venice Pride Festival on June 5th, and Trans Pride via the Los Angeles LGBT Center on June 18th. Earlier this month, he performed alongside the likes of Dan Reynolds and Willow at LoveLoud Festival. 

“Meow” is now streaming on all digital platforms. To stay up to date with Jakk Fynn, follow him on Instagram and TikTok @JakkFynn, or visit JakkFynn.com

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