Jake Biondi releases seventh book in popular BOYSTOWN series

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“It’s finally here and I’m so excited,” author Jake Biondi said of his seventh BOYSTOWN book, which he released on July 7, 2017. “The fans’ wait is over and they can now discover what happened to their favorite characters whose lives were hanging in the balance at the end of the sixth book.”

The seventh book features a cover created by BOYSTOWN designer Anna Crosswell, who is responsible for the recent redesign of all BOYSTOWN book covers. Featuring the image of a casket, the cover of BOYSTOWN Season Seven teases what readers will find inside its pages.

Biondi recently announced a re-launch of his entire book series with an exciting new look. Throughout June, Biondi released the new designs.

“It’s going to ‘wow’ readers from coast to coast,” Biondi said of the series’ new design. “I wanted the BOYSTOWN book covers and all the marketing materials to better represent the drama, excitement, and diversity of the BOYSTOWN series. The new covers hint at the story line twists and turns that readers will find within the books’ pages.”

Biondi teamed up with designer Anna Crosswell of Cover Couture to create BOYSTOWN’s new style. “It’s great to be a part of BOYSTOWN nation and come on board as the designer for such a diverse and exciting series,” Crosswell said.

“The seventh book is certainly unique,” Biondi told fans of his BOYSTOWN book series. “The ending to Season Six left the lives of so many characters in peril that readers are longing to know what happens next. Their questions are about to be answered.”

Biondi added, “I am so grateful for BOYSTOWN readers and their positive response to the series. I love that fans are connecting with the characters and want to know what the future holds for them. The broad appeal of the book series is amazing. BOYSTOWN has an incredibly diverse audience.”

Biondi promised that readers won’t be disappointed by his latest installment. “Season Seven picks up right where book six left off and slowly resolves the cliffhangers that ended the sixth installment. Season Seven will allow the readers to get to know some of the series’ minor characters better as well as follow the lives of the books’ core characters.” Biondi also previewed that BOYSTOWN Season Seven continues the storylines from the first six books while introducing new ones — and one mysterious new character, too.

Initial reviews of BOYSTOWN Season Seven are very positive. “ the reader is confronted with corruption, treachery, and the pure evil that some Page after page, people are capable of as they seek to control or destroy others. Although Biondi appears to have tempered the bitter Ciancio-Mancini dynastical feud primarily through the marriage of two leading family members, it is soon apparent that the festering hatred that the two families have for each other continues to brew under the surface as characters are revealed to have ties to these families that were not previously known. A very entertaining and high energy read by a masterful storyteller,” wrote Roger Ward in his review of the newest BOYSTOWN book.

The saga is told masterfully through several subplots which include unforeseen twists and turns that will leave the reader stunned and speechless.”

BOYSTOWN Season Seven is available in paperback and all e-book formats. Fans may purchase an autographed copy of BOYSTOWN Season Seven at BoystownTheSeries.com

The BOYSTOWN book series was included in the BookLikes.com “Best of 2016” book list. With an average customer rating of five stars, the BOYSTOWN series continues to receive the highest possible rating on Amazon.com as well.

Biondi is currently working with television producers who are interested in bringing the BOYSTOWN series to TV in the near future.

For additional information or to schedule an interview with author Jake Biondi, please send an email to BoystownTheSeries@yahoo.com. Biondi may also be contacted via JakeBiondi.com, BoystownTheSeries.com, Twitter (@boystown_series), and Instagram (@boystowntheseries). Anna Crosswell may be reached via BookCoverCouture.com.

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