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Get Ready For The Spectacular Solar Eclipse of 2017- What To Expect?

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People are now getting ready to witness one of the most awaited events of this year- a total solar eclipse that will take place in the USA on 21 August.

It is anticipated that this event will be the most watched event this year- perhaps in the history of the world. There is tremendous anticipation that this solar eclipse will also cause the worst traffic jam for Americans who live in the path of totality. Many people are excited, and they plan to wake up approximately 24 hours before the major event and drive to the path of totality to experience the shadow of darkness that will befall them for some time. This event is taking place after 38 years in the USA – the last one occurred in 1979.

Wear the perfect eye shield if you wish to watch the solar eclipse

Most people are not aware of the fact that it is important for them to ensure they wear protective gear for their eyes while witnessing the solar event. There are specialized glasses available for people interested in seeing the event. If you wish to observe the solar eclipse through a telescope, it is crucial for you to use one that has a solar filter.

Get ready to see approximately 2 minutes of darkness

Scientists say that the solar eclipse 2017 will last for about 2 minutes 40 seconds. Those people that live in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Illinois will be able to see totality for the full duration however people that reside on the Pacific Coast will be exposed to the solar eclipse for under two minutes. Experts say that if you wish to experience solar eclipse in total, you should drive up to its middle path. To know more details, please visit

Prepare for a fall in temperature on the big day in the USA

When the solar eclipse takes place, there will be a drop in temperature. When the moon blocks most of the sun, you will not find any difference in the brightness, but your skin will feel chilly. There will be a temperature drop during the eclipse, and it will scale from 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit. Residents who will fall in the areas where the partial solar eclipse will occur will experience some weird shadow effects. You will also find the presence of small circles on the Sun- they are just filtered images of the Sun and nothing to be scared of!

This unique solar eclipse will give you some amazing breathing visuals during its period of totality. This is an event that everyone in the USA is waiting for. You will feel like the Earth is suddenly plunged into total darkness. However, ensure that you take preventive measures. If you make an attempt to see the solar eclipse without permanent filters via telescope or binoculars, you will be at risk to permanent blindness. Do not take such risks. Scientists say be responsible and use the recommended protective gear to cherish the event and experience for life.

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