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With the release of his new single “I Know”, Matt Sato is rising to the top of the LA music scene. Matt is showing the world that he is ready to take the music industry by storm.

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It’s hard to imagine this surfer boy went from riding the waves of Hawaii, to being on the VIP list at young Hollywood’s hottest events.

Hailing from Hawaii this new up and coming actor/recording artist is taking Hollywood by storm. Since moving to LA in the beginning of 2017, Matt Sato is emerging as one of the most sought after “it” boys out there. Matt is currently a working actor and just finished up his first single “I Know” that was released July 14, 2017 and is climbing the charts with steady momentum. Matt has taken the stage at some of Hollywood’s hottest events. Matt’s incredible talent, stunning good looks and magnetic personality is the driving force that is taking his career to the next level.

His most recent performance was at Vidcon, the country’s largest social media convention center in Anaheim, CA. He was invited by Starmaker to perform on stage as their headliner. He also had the crowd filling in to see him take the stage at the Flipagram booth. However, his biggest performance was on one of the most sought after and desirable locations at Vidcon which was the stage. The crowd was waiting in line to check him out. His vocals were on point and his personality won over the crowd. It was a dynamic performance that had the fangirls screaming his name.

Even with his busy schedule recording, rehearsing and acting, Matt can be seen at many venues throughout Southern California this summer. His first stop is The Muser Movement at the legendary Avalon in Hollywood on July 22nd. From there you can catch him at the famous Orange County Fair on August 5th

We were able to catch up with Matt in between gigs and ask him some questions- fun ones first

If you were a super hero what powers would you have?

 If I were a super hero, I would have the ability to fix anything. That way, if someone was hurt, I could fix them. If something was broken, I could repair it. If there was really any problem, I would be able to find a solution. Therefore, I am unstoppable.

What types of holidays do you prefer?

I prefer the holidays which include eating a lot of food.

If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?

Personally, I feel that my flaws make me who I am. Without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I do my best to learn from my all of my mistakes and at the end of the day, no one is perfect.

What was the last book you read?

Hmmm…I wish I could say that I read more than I do. However, the last book that I read was for school and it was called Watership Down. I do like to read science related articles and online content.  I often begin reading books but tend to get side tracked with other activities before I reach the end of the book.

 As a kid were you ever frightened of a monster under the bed or in the cupboard?

Believe it or not, I was always the one kid who wasn’t afraid of anything. I would march into the closet and show my friends the there was nothing to fear. However, if there was anything that ever scared me, it was “Chucky.” I confidently marched into a Chucky themed haunted house at a young age and left terrified out of my mind. Till’ this day, it is the most scared I have ever been in my life.

Now on with the show

You appear to be quite the story teller in your lyrics and music. Have you always been able to do this, were you very creative as a child?

Yes, I have always been known as the creative kid in the bunch. I LOVED writing stories, poetry, and enjoyed just about every activity which included using my imagination.

How have you found the hustle and bustle of LA compared to the soft sands and laid-back nature of Hawaii?

They both offer their own pros and cons. Though, the laid back vibes of Hawaii are fun and relaxing, the hustle, bustle and competition in LA keeps me on my feet and forces me to better myself so I can pursue my passions and dreams.

Tell us more about your acting roles. You’ve appeared in the cult classic TV show and a personal favorite of ours, Hawaii Five-0 with the tough and dreamy Alex O’Loughlin. How did it feel to be part of such an iconic show and is acting an area you want to focus more on?

Definitely! Acting is my #1 passion. I love being able to escape from my world and enter someone else’s reality. Hawaii Five-0 taught me so much. Though it was a small part, it was on that set that I realized that I could see myself doing this for the rest of my life.

What are your plans going forward- can you tell us a bit about what’s in store for Matt Sato?

I plan to pursue my career in acting. However, I realize that my education is of utmost importance. Therefore, while acting, I will continue my academic pursuits which include attending a university and after earning my bachelor’s degree, applying for dental school.

Given that you are a young man in the very competitive and often, no doubt, cut-throat world of show biz, have you any advice to others out there who want to follow their dreams and make it in the business? 

Work hard, practice often and be sure to make time to have fun. It will not happen over night, expect rejections.

We have to ask- what does it feel like to have thousands of screaming fans shouting your name and singing your lyrics? Do you find it intimidating, exciting, both? We can only think it must be rather overwhelming.

I love the feeling I get when my fans are excited to see me. It’s an incredible feeling that is hard to put into words.

Are you into cooking at all? If so, do you have a favorite dish you’d like to share with us?

Being that I am a bit of a pyro, I enjoy cooking just about anything on the BBQ grill.

And lastly – if you had to share one line with us that meant a lot to you and which perhaps was a personal mantra, what would it be?

“Just count to 10 and do it.” – Me


And with that last pearl of wisdom, Divine says goodbye to an extraordinary young man who’s going places, and thanks him for taking the time to be with us today.

Special thanks to Michelle Parimore from Parimore Entertainment for facilitating this wonderful Q and A session.


Matt Sato artwork I know4

Divine Review – Album Title: I know

This is one for the younger crowd, primarily the teenage girls, who the lyrics seem geared towards. Very light, with repetitive beats and chorus and a softness to it that is appealing to the school dance crowd. I felt like this would be the perfect song for high school events like prom and winter formals, the valentines dance, etc, with a beat that would be easy to sway too without slowing things down too, too much. Reminiscent of early New Kids on the Block without the harmonies, I know is a song that can easily be embraced by the 12-16 year old crowd, specifically, for the innocence of the lyrics and the simplicity of the composition.

In addition, it was easy to draw a comparison between the sound and tones of I know and several Justin Bieber songs such as “What do you Mean?” and “Sorry,” though without the versatility of Bieber’s mixes. The nice thing about the simplicity of I know is that it never becomes cluttered. The continuous beat would give dancers an opportunity to talk and dance at the same time without too much worry about stepping on toes or falling off beat.

There is a bit of storytelling here that does lend themselves to some nice visuals, I could picture how this could work in video format, with the pining guy on the streets catching sight of the girl and things either developing from there, or only developing in the singer’s imagination, showing him alone on the street in the end.

“I’m your man and you’re my girl, and I’m gonna give you the whole wide world, you’re my girl and I’m your man, I’m gonna give you the best I can.”

The chorus of the song rhymed quite a bit, giving the whole thing a bit of a sing-song feel, while the keyboard patterns, which also repeated the same few notes over and over, felt like it was going over the same rhyming pattern. If one were to strip out the synth beats, it comes off almost like a keyboard exercise in finger placement and successive note play.

Even during the faster paced vocals, the beat and tempo of the music never shifts, and the same keyboard pattern repeats over and over throughout the song, there are some undertones of speaking in sections that are very difficult to hear, getting muddled and lost beneath the music, and I am not certain that they add anything to the song besides a hint of filler. I am not certain if they are meant to be a bridge or just some kind of ambient noise to mesh with the music, but it sort of threw me out of the song a bit because I felt like I was straining to hear what was being spoken there.

All in all, what this piece has going for it is that it never came off as cluttered, and the actual singing never got lost beneath the music or the beats. I did feel this would go over well at a teenage dance or party where some dancing was taking place, with simple enough lyrics that I could picture a teenage boy looking to impress a young lady trying to sing this to them in an effort to get a date or get out of the dog house.

All in all, a solid effort that would certainly be appealing to a fun- loving crowd.

Rating Tag: Pop, One-Note, Lite
Rating: 3
Track Specific (0 to 5) I Know: 3
Where to find Matt

Artist’s website:

Instagram | YouTube @mattsatoofficial

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