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Rhythmically intriguing and poetically profound, Raven King has a sound that is striking to the
ear. The eccentric musical duo defies any certain genre type, pulling different styles of rock,
grunge, indie, and groove into their music. While the stylistic definition is something that Raven King
won’t conform to, their music has caught the attention of heavyweights like Paste, Huffington
Post, Paste, No Depression, and Substream, proving their sound is as infectious as it is

Influenced by bands such as SoundGarden and Queens of the Stone Age, Raven King
follows a similar grunge sound with complex guitar riffs and chords.

Made up of Rhode Island’s Gerrit Curti and Will Boisseau, the band meshes grunge grooves
and obscure lyrics to evoke images and sonic landscapes for the listener. Through technically
focused music and lyrics that are wrought with imagery, they create a musical playscape for

Raven King
Photo Credit: David Lee Black Photography

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Groove-driven, artistic & eclectic, grunge-inspired rock music.

What is one message you would give to your fans?

We love you: it’s your continued support that’s kept us at it.

What is your favorite song to perform?

Diminished and Drool are both fun to play.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

When faced with an immovable obstacle, attack the corners.

What do you enjoy most about being an artist?

The actual creation process.

Of your own music, do you have a favorite? If so, can you pin down why?

Of our new songs, I think possibly Eclipse? It just feels like a complete experience to me. Wasting Summer may be tied too, actually.

Where was your current project recorded?

Mostly in our basement, partly remotely, partly at a cabin in the woods.

If you could pass on a nugget of wisdom to the next musical generation, what would it be?

Be yourself.

What is the most useless talent you have?

Though I wear a watch, I almost always seem to have a pretty good idea of what time it is.

Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

I actually listen to podcasts in the shower. Up First, by NPR.

What would be a good theme song for your life?

Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top.

What was the last TV series you watched on TV?

My gf and I are currently watching Killing Eve.

What’s your favorite board game?


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