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After a year since first flying to the United States, it’s now 2021 and Viktoria Vera has positioned herself as a promising singer songwriter pursuing music in the LA and Boston Music scenes. While Frequenting Beantown she first launched her career performing at the Mixx 360 Club with Art and Music Collective: RAW Artists. Shortly after landing a show at Academy LA in Hollywood as well as articles in Buzz Music LA and Rattler Magazine.

First discovered by Boston Based independent label, “Lit Honey Productions”, Viktoria now largely writes and produces all of her music with her producer Dan Searl. Searl, known for his reputation in the Boston area where he graduated from Berklee College of Music, writes “Viktoria is a natural and stays true to her voice, she knows when and where to experiment and you can always count on her to go deep with her dreamy yet soulful vocals. She is committed to music and is driven to bring her voice to the world stage.”

At twenty years of age, Viktoria’s multifaceted and sophisticated pop sound is rooted in a wide range of inspirations absorbed from her time growing up singing in her home country of Poland where she performed regularly from a young age in the churches and cathedrals of Krakow near Tarnow the village town of her humble beginnings. Her love for R&B and soul music fuels her creative process where she seeks to fuse together retro soul and new soul sounds with contemporary production and electronic elements.

Getting to know Viktoria

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If you were to write autobiography, what would be the title?

“Less Talk More Actions”

 What is your fav children story?

My favorite children’s story is (I have alot but) my favorite though would be when I was age 5-10 when I was running through the polish country side taking care of animals and eating fruit and food from the nature- I felt the true essence of freedom then as a child clearly yet so carefree

  What would be a good theme song for your life?

“Sweet Dreams” by The Eurythmics

What makes you nostalgic?

Places from my childhood such as Tarnow and the city I was born in brings alot of memories from my young age.

What would be the ideal to have food cooked for you on a date night?

Fresh Lobster from Maine.

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What is creative process like?

I like writing melodies and lyrics to songs when I am listening to the beats.  I come up with my best melodies when I Iose myself in the beat and respond to the music I am hearing.  There are times when Im really inspired and I’ll even just sing ideas into the voice memos on my iPhone to come back to. I like coming back to my diaries where I wrote about situations in my life to connect the life experiences to the song I am working on.

Who inspired you to make music? 

I feel like the person who inspired me in regard to lyrics is Jorja Smith, and in terms of singing and sound Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin.  Also Alicia Keys and her song “If I aint got You” was a moment for me when I first heard it.  Strong songs like that masterpiece inspire me to work on my own music.

When you create music, what is your personal purpose or goal? 

The goal is to connect with people and especially those who are treating music as therapy, people who are listening to music and connecting with the situational feeling and mood. That’s what often keeps me as a listener coming back.  I am super focused on the lyrics because I want people to listen to the song and connect it with their own thoughts and emotions.

What are your plans for any future release? 

So I am going to release an indie rock type of pop song called Living in the Future on May 21st and I am also working on a bigger EP coming this Fall featuring some of my favorite artists that I am collaborating with here in Massachusetts. 

What is one message you would give to your fans? 

Every single stream and time invested into experiencing my work means the world to me because I am putting so much love and heart into my music, and if you are feeling the emotional aspect that is even more fantastic.

What is your current music project about? 

It’s about the devotion involved in how much time and responsibility you have when you have talent and you know you can achieve something with your ability.  Just devote yourself to your art form and authenticity while staying true to your path no matter what directions you are being pulled in.

TheOcean ViktoriaVera artwork

After releasing a number of hit singles last year, rising American-based, Poland-born singer/songwriter Viktoria Vera releases her first single of 2021: the emotive and soothing track “The Ocean” out now.

A crossover blend of chill indie-electronic tones and lush soul-infused vocals, “The Ocean” sees Viktoria Vera juxtaposing the feeling of being constricted in a major city with the freedom and creativity she finds in the beauty of nature.

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