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Today I’m thrilled to introduce Aaron Paul to the Divine site. Aaron is a London born, Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter, Aaron has a string of hits to his name from both his time in pop group ‘Worlds Apart’ and as a solo artist in his own right.

Welcome to the magazine, Aaron. I like to start out with some silly, fun questions to break the ice so please feel free to let loose on these ones….

If you were a super hero what powers would you have and what would your hero name be?

MUSICMAN!  I can have powers that involve music lol. I can hit the highest of notes to the lowest of notes. I could play every instrument known in the UNIVERSE! I would never sing off key. I could sing anything. And I could even have the power to block people who cannot sing. Switch them off! And I could also put music in every home in the WORLD! 😉 I don’t think anyone has ever thought of MUSIC MAN as a superhero before! YAY- I’M the 1’st 😉

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I would buy my little cabin in the woods on a lake, away from everything! I don’t need much, just me & nature! 😉 I would also open a performing arts school for kids-maybe several of them all over the world! I would also build a safe home for the LGBT Kids that are displaced or thrown out by their families for being who they are. I would also open a bunch of restaurants, ‘cause I love to cook. My brothers are also big cooks, so I would have them run it 😉 And lastly I would TRAVEL THE WORLD!  And I would pay for advertising of my music…lol 😉

Would you like to build/design your own house -if so, which would be the room you give the most focus to?

The Kitchen! I LUV to cook… So I would make sure that its fully functional and I could cook ANYTHING & EVERYTHING in it. NO STONE WOULD BE LEFT UNTURNED -lol. And then maybe the Bedroom 😉

Which form of public transport do you prefer?

The NYC subway… because ANYTHING GOES down there! It’s the one place where you are fully entertained at all times ;-). Except when you’re waiting on for the train…lol.

What talents do you have besides singing?

Cooking! I luv to cook and feed people. I cook at home a lot and I often post my recipes & photos from AARON’s KITCHEN! Food & music brings people together and a great way to entertain! I like to see people’s faces as they eat good food, and also when I’m performing!  And I also like giving advice- I can give you the best advice, for any situation! I’m honest, fair and I will speak the TRUTH!

 Do you have a cherished childhood teddy bear or other stuffed animal sitting on your bed at home?

I have LINK! 😉 LINK is a huge stuffed Oran-u-tang given to me by my music promoter. The original real LINK was a real Oran-u-tang…. that was in a music video that I did when I was with the boy-band WORLDS APART! The STUFFED LINK is a super star in his own right! I’m serious…..he has fans; he performs around the club circuit and has a HUGE DIVA personality ;-). CAN”T TELL LINKS NOTHING! 😉

Have you ever been skinny dipping?

I have been skinny dipping- MANY TIMES! lol.. I love to swim and I’m a very good swimmer, so any opportunity to go commando in water is a MUST! 😉 As long as no-one can see….lol

Aaron Paul

Right, now for the more serious ones….

Susan: Q – You started out as the lead vocalist for the teen pop group “Worlds Apart”. Tell us a bit about this time of your life and when you felt it was time to branch out and become a solo artist?

Well actually…I’ve always felt like a solo artist…lol. Being in WORLDS APART was really a stepping stone for me and a way to elevate myself in the music industry,  get seen, build a profile etc. It was a fun time. I was doing what I love to do…having screaming girls chase you all around and making some good money. At the same time, it was very restricting and frustrating being around 4 other guys who had opinions, egos etc. and fighting to be the star of the group. Personally I didn’t really care about being the star, I just wanted to SING & PERFORM. And I knew that my position was secure’ cause I was the lead singer of the group- Anyway…lol.

Susan: Q- In the spring of 2015, you accomplished your dream of having a number one song on
the Dance Charts and Crossover Charts as a solo artist with the up-tempo “I Don’t Care”.  This song is an anthem of peace, understanding and acceptance. The song has become a 2015 LGBTQ PRIDE Anthem across the country. How does it feel to be such a powerful role model for the people out there who take heart in the words of this song?

OMG it’s amazing…I’m very happy and feel blessed that this has happened for me in my life. I always knew deep down I had the potential to be successful as a Solo Artist…and I DEF worked hard towards it….but just never knew when it would happen finally! And never expected to happen with a song like ‘I DON’T CARE!’. Every artist has that one song that they will have to sing forever…lol.  Mine is ‘I DON’T CARE!’ ;-). I knew that when I was writing it, the message this song had! I would feel tingles in my belly and tears would come to my eyes the more I was writing the lyrics. And I also felt that something bigger or divine was feeding me the lyrics…because the writing process was very natural and easy! But I never expected it to hit #1 in the charts.

I’ve been doing this since I was 10 years old. And I know and met so many incredibly talented people… who don’t get the opportunity or have the platform! To reach #1 is the best feeling in the world. ‘Cause you are at the top of the charts and all the other records out there for that week or weeks! And to see your own name in print above superstars, BIG TIMERS like Madonna, Kelly Clarkson etc… it’s AWESOME!

Susan: Q –  Your latest music video PNP (Party N Play) is pretty sexy and rather hot. Tell us just how much fun it is making a music video like this one, and getting all dressed up in leather and chains – you looked very hot by the way j

Well, thank you Susan (with my shy face lol) It was a blast making that video. We did the shoot in 5 hours with a young director (fresh out of school film student) called Jammal Ramson. I came up with the whole concept and visuals! And me & my team put it all together! The energy & chemistry of the other two models was on fire. So I knew I had to bring it..and keep up with them and if not ..more so.. ‘cause it’s my  music video.  So I sent out for a bottle of Vodka and drank half a bottle to amp myself and be less inhibited. I had never done anything so sexually charged on camera before and I am rather shy that way in public. SO THANK GOD for that bottle of I LOVE the PNP video and very proud of our work there. It’s so sexy, edgy and fun. And I love to see people’s expression when they watch it for the 1st time ;-).

Susan: Q -I have to ask you this. You share your name with another famous man, Aaron Paul, the actor from Breaking Bad. Firstly, do you enjoy this series? It is something you watch? (I confess I haven’t myself)  Secondly, have you ever had the occasion to meet the person who shares your name?

Actually I have never watched it…lol.. But I’ve heard all about…esp. since we share the same name! It’s a good and a bad thing we share the same name.. I get to tap into the success of the show and his fan base 😉 But I have to make sure people don’t get confused with the two of us. So I just add Music after my name.. ie: Aaron Paul Music ;-). My mum tells me I had the name Aaron Paul 1st tho… ‘cause I was in the public eye since the early 90’s, way before he came on the scene. Lol. But it’s all good tho ;-). Yes, we should totally meet each other…and take a photo….WHO’S THE REAL AARON PAUL …lol

 Susan: Q- You’re very active in the LGBTQ community, and recently both attended and performed at the Bronze LGBTQ Pride Awards dinner in New York. How important is it in today’s worlds for LGBTQ people to get involved in this sort of cause as a role model, an advocate and a participating member of the community?

Absolutely! When I was kid growing up, there were not many role models or people I could relate too. And because of that I felt very alone and different. And if I can use my platform and voice to give power and acceptance to someone out there…who does feel different or does not fit into the so-called NORM…then GREAT! The more of us out there…the BETTER! The world as we know it is changing fast! And the more images and voices we have in this very diverse sub-culture…the more we become the NORM and attitudes change!  The LGBTQ has embraced me and my work and I’m very honoured by this! I will continue to be a voice and a part of our CAUSE and I will make music for EVERYONE!

Susan: Q- What’s next on the cards for Aaron Paul? Have you any new music planned, are you going to be turning to acting, flying to the moon with Richard Branson from Virgin perhaps? Tell us more about your future plans.

Well, I have new music, videos, visuals & concepts coming out! And music will always be my #1 vehicle! And when other opportunities present themselves. I will DEF embrace them! There are so many arenas I wanna explore…I would love to do something with food that involves music. I wanna get more & more involved with youth LGBTQ causes & issues. So it’s perfect timing that my platform is here at the same time LGBTQ community is having a lot more focus and mainstream attention!  As the same time, I will continue to JUST BE ME 😉

X Thank you, Susan, for your great questions! I enjoyed this interview a LOT!

Susan – Wow, that’s one amazing interview, Aaron, thanks so much for being so honest and enthusiastic. I love the story of Link, does he have his own Facebook page? If not, he probably should. I loved your answers and really enjoyed learning more about you. I’m with you on the cabin in the woods, something I’ve always wanted myself. As long as there’s a lake where we can go skinny dipping 🙂 Thanks so much for being part of this!


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