Industries That Need More Workers in 2022

Felicia Priedel
Felicia Priedel 4 Min Read

Industries all around the world have been in a worker drought. The pandemic kickstarted the Great Resignation, but many of these industries were struggling to retain workers even before then. Here are a few of those industries that are doing everything they can to get more workers in 2022.

Software Development

This industry has been surging in the last decade as tech has taken over the world, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The field has been competitive with established companies, but many smaller startups need workers, and many more are becoming big companies that need an increased number of developers. It is also a field with high burnout, meaning many are resigning and entering other industries. This turnover means that, on top of their typical worker demands, these tech companies need more people than ever before.

Metal Fabrication

You may not have heard about the lack of workers in this industry directly, but you can notice it when you’re out and about. Buildings, planes, cars, space technology, etc., all rely on metal fabrication, and things have been slowing down as there is a worker shortage in this industry. The industry is full of technical know-how as different technologies like beam drilling and coping machines have a lot of complexity, but workers are going elsewhere. People knowledgeable in math and science are going into STEM fields, leaving essential industries like metal fabrication to struggle.


The medical field has never had too many doctors, nurses, or specialists. It always feels as if they are running short-staffed, and as more and more patients come in, that feeling becomes amplified. The healthcare industry needs people in every position level, whether doctors, janitorial staff, security, administrative specialists, or nurses. The pandemic revealed just how grueling it can be to work in this field, and unfortunately, it seems like these clinics and hospitals need a lot more workers to ease the workload.

Data Science

Like the tech boom that has raged for the last decade, data science has been taking off. Businesses and organizations across the entire industrial spectrum are turning toward data scientists to make sense of their operations. Data scientists can quantify and carefully code and model different questions businesses will have about their day-to-day operations, expenses, investments, etc. They make sure everything is working as optimally as possible and which areas have room for growth and improvement. Businesses need data scientists now more than ever before.

These were a few industries that need more workers in 2022, and it’s clear that the next decade will be an interesting one for workers and businesses alike. Working from home has created many new and exciting opportunities, but many other industries require hands-on employees. With all that said, it’s safe to say these industries will need more workers to meet their booming growth.

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