Indie Rockers About You Debut Stripped Down Version of “Farewell to Ghosts”

Attention indie rock fans, have you heard the latest from About You? The talented band has just released a stripped-down version of their hit track Farewell to Ghosts, and let me tell you, it is a game-changer.

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About You has released an acoustic rendition of their recent track “Farewell to Ghosts” with an accompanying video in NPR’s Tiny Desk style. The song puts an intimate twist on the original release and adds a sense of intimacy and relatability for the audience. The layered guitar instrumentation allows the listener to really listen to the message behind the lyrics: finding a sense of belonging in sometimes unexpected places. 

“A friend from Berklee College of Music sent a story to me where she detailed her houseless journey in Savannah, NC, and how she found more safety with her fellow unhoused community than with the housed. The juxtaposition of where society might stereotype safety vs the reality of where people on the fringes of society find safety spoke to Elliott and I.” – Max Poscente

The new acoustic version of “Farewell to Ghosts” eloquently combines Max Poscente and Elliot Skinner’s smooth vocals with unpredictably unique instrumentation and heartfelt, meaningful lyrics. The track’s production was a group effort: it was written by Max Poscente, Elliott Skinner, and Jeff Saenz, produced and mixed by Max Poscente and Elliott Skinner, mastered by Max Poscente, and engineered by Koa Ho and Elliott Skinner. The music video was shot at Home Carried in Brooklyn by Théo Michel. This new release truly shows the band’s versatility and ability to create vulnerable music with messages that stick with the audience. 

You can stream the acoustic version of “Farewell to Ghosts” below and check out the video on YouTube! Follow them online at

About You - Farewell to Ghosts feat. Elliott Skinner (NPR Tiny Desk 2024 Contest Submission)
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