Cindë Drops Expressive Visualizer Illustrating Her Single “Medusa’s Son”

Hey music lovers! Have you heard the latest from the talented Cindë? She has just dropped an expressive visualizer to accompany her single “Medusa’s Son” and let me tell you, it is a must-see! The visualizer, which is a visual representation of the song, highlights themes of grief and betrayal. Cindë, in her recent EP More Awake Less Alive, delves deep into her emotions and experiences, and “Medusa’s Son” is no exception

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Cindë has released a new music video to accompany her song “Medusa’s Son,” off her recent EP More Awake Less Alive highlighting themes of grief and betrayal.

The visualizer depicts jarring imagery of the singer in deep distress due to the trauma she has endured. “Medusa’s Son” is a track that paints a picture of one of Cindë’s darkest moments, “Medusa’s Son // seducing everyone // now I’m stoned thinking about you.” The track itself highlights her vulnerability, with the visualizer painting an even clearer image in the heads of the audience and allowing them to relate. 

“Medusa’s Son” was written about being stoned in my room and coming to terms with the fact that the relationship I loved most was gone and not even real for the other person. It was the absolute loneliest I’ve ever felt. I just started humming it at 4 am in the studio and we birthed this wonderful thing (which HAS been a crowd favorite at shows for a while). This is the song I’m most excited to release off my EP More Awake Less Alive.”

The EP More Awake Less Alive follows the story of a traumatic breakup and the scary and dark emotions that came with it. Cindë’s impeccable storytelling abilities truly shine through in this piece and remind the listener that they’re not alone in their trauma. You can watch the visualizer for “Medusa’s Son” on YouTube now, and check out the EP More Awake Less Alive on all platforms! 

Cindë - Medusa's Son - Part IV [Official Visualizer]
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