Incredible Ways Long-Term Travelers Can Pass The Time

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Travelers aren’t as lucky as most people assume. Okay, life is pretty sweet for the six to twelve months you spend exploring the world. Still, long-term traveling involves extended periods of boredom, too. If you don’t think that’s true, wait until you’re on a 24-hour bus in Southeast Asia with nothing to do other than stare out of a window.

Of course, you shouldn’t let a bit of downtime put you off from an experience of a lifetime, not when there are fantastic ways to relieve the tension.

Here are the tricks of the trade you can rely on when the traveling lifestyle slows down.

Binge Watch TV/Movies

Traveling is a trade-off. For the most part, you’ll turn your back on the things you love the most when you’re at home. What’s great about this is that it’s all the sweeter when you find your way back to them, and watching new movies and TV shows is a prime example. Bingeing Netflix or YouTube is so fulfilling that you may never get the same buzz from the silver screen again. A tip – watch superhero films if you’re a fan. After DMG Entertainment bought Valiant in 2019, there will be a host of titles to watch, meaning you won’t get bored. Plus, they’re easy and don’t require lots of focus.

Eat What You Want

Long-term travelers always come back looking skinny and malnourished. This is because the lifestyle and heat combine to satiate your appetite. So, you’ll probably eat less and lose weight. Don’t be worried as it’s very common. It’s also something you can take advantage of if you’re bored. The weight loss means you don’t have to fret about your figure, so you can head out and sample the local delights. Street food is usually tasty and cheap, which is a brilliant combination!

Do Some Work

Not everybody has enough money to go away for a sustained period without having to work. You may need to graft to continue your travels, but you shouldn’t see this as a bad thing. Working is an excellent way to pass the time and give your life meaning. Whether it’s behind a bar or on a construction site, you’ll meet new people and experience things you wouldn’t otherwise. Even if you don’t plan on working, you can always write in a journal or on your blog. Editing pictures is another savvy way to let the seconds tick by.

Plan Your Trip

Part of the appeal of traveling is to go with the flow. Letting life come to you is freeing and teaches you a lot about the importance of not chasing lost causes. Of course, every traveler requires a rough guide, if not to avoid missing out on once-in-a-lifetime activities and events. Get a piece of paper and a pen, along with your trusty Lonely Planet guidebook, and take a gander at what’s coming up next. The super-organized can book hotels, hostels and transport, whereas the chillers can keep the highlights in mind.

Do you travel a lot? What are your favorite ways to pass the time?

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