Twang-Tinted Jonathan Freeland Releases Official Music Video for Latest Release

Singer-songwriter Jonathan Freeland releases official music video for the latest single I Left My Heart In Powder Springs exclusively via Mic’d Magazine.

Trystan Cruise helped me bang this whole shoot out over the course of one afternoon. I try to have a hand in the creative process every step of the way without being overbearing on my collaborators, so I outlined a short shot list, got together with Trystan and P.A. Meghan Palmer, and we spent a few hours in Long Island City and Bushwick capturing as much as we could,” explains Jonathan. “I took the footage back that night and edited it all in the next 48 hours. I really am not into looking at my own face for that long, so don’t expect to hear of me editing another music video of mine ever again, but I’m really proud of what we created together.”

Growing up just outside of Atlanta, GA, Jonathan was raised on the sounds of classic country greats from Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, George Strait, and Charlie Daniels to the popular rock-influenced country radio artists of the 90s, Tim Mcgraw, Travis Tritt, and Garth Brooks. Whether it was long toss before the big game or hauling hay across the pasture, these songs were the soundtrack to his life long before he ever had the desire to pick up a guitar.

You can learn more about Jonathan Freeland by visiting and on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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