How To Use Chalk Markers on Your Windows

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You need to make sure your decorated windows stand out, whether they’re on your home or business. If you’ve never used chalk markers before, you might wonder how to use them and why they are popular.

People use them to tell a story, celebrate holidays, or draw funny pictures. No matter the reason, this is how to use chalk markers on your windows.

Will It Face People Indoors or Outdoors?

Before you can start drawing, you need to decide which direction you want your art to face. This is because you might have to do your drawing in the opposite direction depending on which way you face.

For example, if you want to advertise your business, you will want the drawing facing outward. The converse is true if you are only drawing for the enjoyment of your house. Also, if you have a business with a waiting room, drawings that you can see from the inside can entertain your customers.

Depending on if you want your illustration to be seen at night or during the day, plan out which colors you want to use. White chalk markers stand out at night, but black markers might blend in if it’s dark. Liquid chalk markers give you the freedom to erase and redesign regularly.

Plan Your Drawing and Pick the Best Tools

Once you decide which direction you want to draw, you can let the creative process begin! Pick out the best colors for what you want to depict.

Depending on which holiday is coming up, you may want to use red, white, and blue, orange and black, or even green, white, and orange. You can also try to blend colors and use different marker tips for extra creative possibilities.

Nonetheless, it’s easy for fatigue to set in as you draw, so take breaks periodically so that you can complete your best work. If you are drawing on a sunny day, your eyes might tire from too much light exposure.

Clean Up After You Finish

Most liquid chalk pen ink will dissolve in water. However, make sure yours does before purchasing it, or else you can damage your windows. Once you verify that your chalk markers are water-soluble, all you need is a wet cloth and some elbow grease to wipe off your drawing from the window.

Overall, you can draw so many things with chalk markers. Now that you know how to use chalk markers on your windows, it’s time to start drawing!

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