Women’s Health: How to Stay Healthy and Beautiful at Every Age

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If you want to live a happy and healthy life, you must start taking care of your body and mind from your early years. But our bodies change year after year, so you can’t apply the same rules when you’re 20 and when you’re 70. That’s why we compiled a handy guide that will help you stay healthy, happy, and beautiful at every age.


One of the main things to pay attention to in your twenties is your sexual health, so try to avoid exposure to STDs, especially the HPV. It’s most common in women in their early 20s, so make sure to practice safe sex to avoid diseases like Chlamydia and have regular gynecologist appointments. . Additionally, if you feel that you caught something, there are plenty of STD testing service options. Don’t hesitate, get tested!

Another thing that needs your attention in your 20s is your skin. You might think your skin is flawless now, but a good skin care routine will seriously help with skin aging down the road. Skin creams with Retinol will keep your skin rejuvenated and smooth, while a good moisturizer will keep it elastic and glowing. Just make sure to stay away from tanning salons and limit your sun exposure. You’ll be grateful you’ve listened to our advice when you’re in your 40s.


Once you enter your 30s, you’ll notice that your metabolism isn’t what it used to be. Which means you’ll need to be smart and mindful about the things that you eat. Also, most women start to lose muscles at that time, but if you hit the weights, you’ll put a stop to muscle mass loss, strengthen your bones and boost calorie burn.

30s are often super stressful, especially if you need to juggle family, career and social life. So, make sure to get plenty of sleep and rest that will keep your immune system strong and ready to attack all viruses and bacteria in your body.

You can also start talking to your relatives about your family medical history. Pay special attention to breast, ovarian and colon cancer, as well as heart issues, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Your family medical history will provide your doctor with valuable information that can influence many of their decisions concerning your health.

This is also the right time to boost your skin maintenance routine to keep those wrinkles at bay. Continue with Retinol use, but also get a good eye cream.


In your 40s, your metabolism will further decrease, so make sure to eat healthy and stay active. A good workout several times a week can jumpstart your metabolism and ensure you keep those extra pounds off.

Also, during these years you will start noticing more prominent lines and wrinkles on your skin as well as various blemishes and broken blood vessels. If you think you need extra coverage, invest in a tinted moisturizer with a good SPF (around 50 is all you need). There are also various cosmetic procedures that will brighten your skin, give you a more even complexion and remove those ugly sunspots.


Hormone therapy can increase the risk of uterine and breast cancer, cardiovascular issues, blood clots, and stroke, so try to limit the use of hormones as you reach your 50s. During this time, your body will also become more responsive to extra calories and toxins, so keep your diet clean. Ditch all those processed foods, sugary drinks, sweets, and junk food full of grease, sodium, and spices. Instead, load up on healthy fats, whole grains, and organic veggies and fruit.

During this time, you’ll also notice deeper marks on your skin as well as some sagging on the face, neck, and chest areas. At this age, all the treatment is correctional, but it’s never too late to pay attention to your skin and start a good maintenance routine.


Most of the tips listed above also apply to your 60s with one exception. During this time of your life, your mind will experience the most changes, so make sure to dedicate time to keeping your brain sharp. If you already exhibit some signs of dementia, you might want to look into aged care homes that offer patients the best care and allow them to lead happy, healthy and save lives. Modern senior homes have everything from cinemas and cafés to beauty and wellness facilities which allow residents to socialize, stay active, pursue hobbies, and continue to play an important role in their community.

If you’re completely independent and active, make sure to stay social as well. Living an isolated life can be the cause of many silent killers like depression and anxiety. So, if you lack social interactions, find volunteering opportunities and give back to your community, join a club or even take social media classes that will teach you all about the Internet and endless opportunities it offers.


In order to stay healthy, happy and content in your 70s, make sure to have a strong sense of purpose. This will give you that extra push to eat healthy, stay active and quit your unhealthy habits.  Another thing that many older people neglect is their sleep habits. It’s a common misconception that seniors don’t need that much sleep, but the truth is that they need the same amount of sleep as teens and young adults (7-9 hours a night). So, overcome insomnia, replace medication that affects your sleep cycle and limits afternoon naps.

Eighties and older

Many people in their 80s often experience balance and vertigo problems. There are many reasons why you might suffer from these balance issues, so make sure to visit your doctor for a checkup as soon as you notice any discomforts. Falls are another serious concern to pay attention to in your senior years. Make sure to be mindful of your movements and stay active enough to maintain your muscle mass and bone density.

This is also the most important time for your eating habits. Changes in your senses of smell and taste, together with certain medication, might affect your appetite, but you really need to hit your daily dose of nutrients to maintain your energy levels.

Overall, your health should be your top priority no matter the age. And remember that regular checkups are necessary when you’re in your 20s as well as your 80s.

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