How to Set Up a Workable Home Office – Tips for Success

Mianna Korben
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Working from home can be very convenient. From not having to spend a lot of time getting ready for work, to always working in the privacy of your own home, it certainly makes life easier in more ways than one. However, in order to be maximally productive, you’ll need to equip your home office well and create a welcoming and comfortable environment. Not only will you need top of the class equipment, but quality furniture and inviting décor among many other things that will make you want to spend your working hours there.

Pick out an office nook

First of all, you’ll need to find a spot in your home which will be the most appropriate for you to work at. Namely, depending on the type of work you do, you’ll need a separate nook where you’ll have all the privacy and silence to do your job. Be it a spare bedroom, a basement, or maybe an attic, look for the room where you’ll feel the most at ease and comfortable doing all the work. If your home space is limited, you can always look for creative small home office ideas, and turn your wardrobe into the office area, for example.

Make the office welcoming and quiet

Another important consideration should certainly be the ambiance you’ll create in your home office. Namely, it’s essential that you create the environment in which you’ll be more than happy to work. That’s why you should think about the colors, décor and scents you want to fill the room and make you want to spend 6-8 hours right there. You’ll also need a peaceful workspace where no outdoors clamor will distract you and where nobody can invade your privacy, so think about installing custom made curtains and blinds on your windows. Place a few plants in the corners of the office, put an air freshener or aromatic sticks in the room to promote relaxation and ensure a pleasant working environment.

Invest in quality furniture and equipment

An ergonomic chair and a well-designed desk are imperative for everyone who works from home. Spending many hours behind the desk will have a major impact on your back, so you should get an ergonomic chair and sit in a balanced position. An adjustable office desk will offer you the chance to work while standing up instead of sitting around all day, so feel free to consider various options before you invest in a standard desk. Prevent upper back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, bad posture, and even spine or back injuries and invest in a standing desk. Having high-speed internet access will be paramount, so make sure you have a reliable router that will prevent any internet malfunction. 

Light it up well

Good lighting is crucial for your eyesight, so make sure the nook you choose for the home office is well lit. The ideal option would be to pick out a room which has plenty of natural light, which will minimize the need for artificial lighting. In case the amount of daylight is limited, you’ll need to combine general and task lighting. Invest in a LED desk lamp which will light up your desk space well, and allow you to see your work flawlessly, not making your eyes suffer due to a lack of natural light. If you need a lighting fixture with adjustable light intensity, look for ergonomic task-lighting fixtures with dimmer switches. 

Set up office hours

Even working from home will require planned office hours if you want to make the job efficient. Therefore, look for the time of the day which is most suitable for you to isolate yourself from the rest of the home and dedicate your time to work. This will be a much easier way for clients and potential customers to contact you without interrupting you during family time or while you’re resting. It will also give you a sense of organization allowing you to plan your days much better.

Final thoughts

Setting up a home office has never been easier. All you need to keep in mind is that even though you don’t have to leave the house, you’re still working and making money, so you’ll need a well-designed space to allow you maximum productivity. With the help of previously mentioned tips you’ll have no trouble designing an efficient home office, so feel free to use some of the ideas when setting up your future home office.

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