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How to Plan your Weekend Getaway to Sydney

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Let’s just get this one thing out of the way first – Sydney is one of those cities that take more than a lifetime of exploring, let alone a weekend. However, no matter if you’re a first-time visitor or this is one of your many returns to the great shores of Australia, there are a few must-do experiences for such a brief trip to this iconic city.

From breathtaking beaches, versatile wildlife, a wealth of national parks and a hip cultural scene, take your picks carefully in order to immerse yourself in the true spirit of Sydney and its unique lifestyle.

Explore the beaches

You can find densely crowded beaches brimming with surfers and people casually lounging in the sun, or you can search for the more secluded nooks that will give you a unique glimpse into the local life. For instance, head to Manly or Bondi beach if you’re a social butterfly, or explore the hidden gems of Milk or Chinaman’s Beach, which will keep you close to the most gorgeous parts of the city, but away from the hectic crowds.


While you’re checking out the Bronte beaches, don’t miss out on one of Sydney’s most appreciated new traditions – brunch. The delicious menu at the Three Blue Ducks is bound to tease your palate and keep you occupied for at least an hour, while you get ready for your next stretch of adventure. They also offer excellent coffee to go, so you can fuel the rest of your busy schedule.

Climb the Harbour Bridge

Are you bold enough to step up your Sydney experience to a whole new level? This incredible landmark viewed from the ground is captivating enough, but once you climb the sturdy sides of the Harbour Bridge and discover its majestic vistas of the city, including the famous Sydney Opera House, you’ll realize why this is a bucket-list experience. To save your already limited time, you can take the shortest tour and spend an hour and a half for the climb, then move on to your next Sydney stop.

Visit the Taronga Zoo

Make sure to take a ferry and spend a few hours in one of the world’s most versatile zoos, with indigenous wildlife such as kangaroos and koala bears, and you can even enjoy an up close and personal animal encounter with various species such as owls, koalas and meerkats. Feed them, spend time learning about them in some of the zoo’s lectures, or just walk about and enjoy the wilderness.

Take a culture dive

Even if you’re not a huge museum fan, a trip to the Art Gallery of NSW will be worth your while, as it will give you a new appreciation of the Aboriginal culture of Australia, as well as a valuable encounter with some of the world’s most renowned modern art. If you’re a movie buff and visiting the city from the 7th to the 18th of June, the Art Gallery is hosting some of the films and talks of the Sydney Film Festival as well.

Bar hopping

In addition to the traditional Aussie nightlife, you should make some time to visit several hip rooftop bars in Sydney, the latest trend of their versatile social scene. These curious spots will give you a perfectly lit view of the city, and either a relaxing, or an exciting experience of sunbathing during the day, as well as cocktails and mingling with the locals in the evening.

Enjoy the Royal Botanic Gardens

The vast greenery of these incredible gardens offer a plethora of options to enrich your stay in the city – from afternoon picnics, yoga sessions, a casual stroll to a guided tour, a few hours spent in this oasis will replenish your energy for a whole new day of exploring. The Royal Botanic Gardens always has a versatile agenda for its visitors, so make sure to schedule your visit beforehand if you want more than just a picnic!

Under the sea

Although the mainland alone is more than enough to satisfy even the most avid travellers among you, while you’re in Sydney, take the plunge into the vast ocean for a snorkelling session and visit its inquisitive marine life. You can swim alongside exotic fish, friendly rays and turtles, and admire the beauty of the colourful coral. Clovelly beach, Congwong Beach and Gordon’s Bay are just some of the numerous snorkelling spots in the city.

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