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Tips For a Perfect Romantic Night In

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As time goes on and the demands of work, finances and family slowly peck away at you over the years, it’s easy for that spark in your relationship to begin to wane.

The unfortunate truth is that most couples are so busy and responding to so many external pressures that it can be a struggle to make time for each other.

When we talk about spending quality time together then images are no doubt conjured of expensive, flamboyant romantic gestures, fancy restaurants and expensive bars. But the truth of it is, while a romantic night out can be a wonderful way to spend quality time, there’s a greater variety of fun, exciting and romantic ways you can kindle the flame right there in your own home just just a little effort and minimal expense.

Any of these are ideal for the man or woman in your life, whatever their tastes.


A luxurious bath

It takes just a few minutes to prepare but after a hard day’s work there’s doubtlessly no sight more welcome to your partner than a steaming hot bath.

Hot water and solitude alone are a wonderful tonic but there are some easy ways to inject a little luxury.

  • Bath salts
  • Relaxing music
  • Scented candles
  • Bubble bath
  • Essential oils
  • Epsom salts

These will relax tired muscles and create an atmosphere of blissful serenity. If it’s a cold night then put their evening wear on a radiator or heated towel rack so that they can slip into something toasty warm afterwards.


Make their favorite meal

By now your loved one will hopefully be relaxed in mind and body and riding a wave of endorphins, so now’s the time to wow them with a mouth watering meal prepared just for them.

Whatever their tastes you can find plenty of free, healthy recipes here, though if you’re less than confident in your culinary abilities then a take-out and a bottle of wine will work just as well.


Relax in front of a movie

After a hard day, movies can be a great way to transport yourself to a world outside of your day to day problems.

Needless to say your partner should dictate the movie choice, even if you have to try and find some merit in something you wouldn’t usually watch.

It’s usually a good idea to pick something beforehand so you’re not wading through your DVD cabinet or streaming service and losing the momentum you’ve built up.

If your partner’s favorite film isn’t on your usual streaming service then you might find these tips for bypassing Netflix’s VPN block useful.


Give them a massage

If you’re not as dextrous as you’d like then this link will provide you with some handy massage hints. Again, soft music, atmospheric lighting and candles are a great accompaniment to creating a blissful atmosphere. As your hands glide over your lover’s body whisper softly to them how much you love them and how much they mean to you.

If things get naughty then that’s absolutely fine but if your partner isn’t feeling it then it’s important not to push them. Stress is a libido killer in both men and women and after a hard day they might struggle to get in the mood. The last thing you want to do is put additional pressure on them or make them feel bad for not matching your sexual energy.


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