How to Mentally Approach Getting Fit

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Thinking about the mentality we might need to reach our fitness goals is an important consideration. Many of whom venture down this road are looking for a lifestyle change but are not always aware of the sacrifices that need to be made to reach the body of their dreams. Creating the right expectations around reaching that body with the right building blocks in place, like correct fitness nutrition will help people achieve those results.

Understanding What Your Goals Are

Having clear concise goals are important when laying out fitness goals. The better you plan it the easier you can track progress. Positive progression will add to your motivation. Some say that a habit is formed after 3 weeks of consistent effort. So be sure to construct the right habits. A regular and spread out an exercise routine that targets a wide range of muscle groups is going to serve you a lot better than lifting dumbbells randomly.

A good way to understand this is, say, for example, you want to lose weight, and looking in the mirror you know that you have areas where more fat gathers then others. For men, it is common around the gut. For women, around the hips. Making an exercise routine around working those target areas is important. Do not over-index on those areas though. To lose weight effectively you need to work your entire body so you can develop core strength and muscle development. Do you want muscle definition or are you more interested in gaining strength?


The general rule is to include plenty of resistance training regardless of your goal. You might think that just going for a run now and then will help you lose weight. It will a bit, but it will not give you the results you want. Resistance training is not just lifting dumbbells, there is a huge range of resistance exercises that we can all include in our fitness routine to improve core strength and muscle development.

Understanding that everything you do contributes to your fitness. What you eat, how often you exercise, how you exercise. It all adds up. So, making sure you are consuming a balanced diet, you might also find that things like whey protein can help you achieve those goals. The mindset needs to focus on the joy of the journey. So you should get invested in the whey protein isolate vs concentrate debate, do your research and look forward to pushing yourself every time you work out.

Envisioning Goals

Being honest with yourself is the first step to creating a great fitness plan. If you dig deep into your schedule and your reasons for wanting to get fit, you can do it. Try walking or running to the store around the corner instead of driving to the superstore. Combine exercise with other activities to keep it fresh. For instance, you might be a lover of nature. In that case, try a nature hike.

Thinking about achieving your goals in this way can create a more natural transition into your current lifestyle to the lifestyle you are striving for. If you try to change too much all at once you will yo-yo right back to where you were. Take small steps into the unknown so you can process that into a habit. If you have never been to a gym, try going with a friend who can laugh with who loves talking about protein shakes just as much as you might learn too.

To conclude, having the right mental framework to build healthy exercising habits is key. Alongside, a drive and desire to do so. Many of us can achieve our fitness goals but easing ourselves into it. Doing something physical that we enjoy and adding extra physical elements that can target key muscle groups we are trying to develop.

How to Mentally Approach Getting Fit

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