How to Get Noticed on Instagram in 2022 – 10 Proven Tips

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We are in a time where you can see young people without a bank account but not one without an Instagram account. That’s how impactful the 2010 launched platform is nowadays.

With almost 1 billion monthly active users, it’s one of the most powerful social media in the world and it will only increase in 2022. People crave attention on this platform more than in real life and it’s not even an exaggeration. You might have seen that many people are careful about crafting their image on Instagram which is different from their real life. Most of the users are curious about how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes or get followers faster. This is because they love getting the attention of people who are from different parts of the world. But not all get the heed they wish for. You have to do some work to be a stand-out one.  First getting attention in Instagram terms means getting more followers and engagement in the posts. There are some tips

Niche and Audience

Before starting to put your effort into this process, you have to find what your ground is. That means you have to be clear about what you are going to post and what it is about. In simple terms it’s a niche, the thing which you are good at. Because you can’t just post random stuff or copied content and wait for recognition from people. You need to create content based on your niche and also your target audience. If you are a traveler, you can create content related to it that is appealing to travel lovers. If you are a foodie, then create something related to food lovers. 

Post Quality

Take a look at the people you follow, especially the big accounts. Wonder how they got such a number of followers? Just go through their posts. The consistency in maintaining the quality of the posts is one of the main reasons. When a viewer visits your account the first thing that catches the eyes are your posts. So, it’s mandatory to post good quality photos or videos if you want to grab attention. 

Personal Touch

Personal touch in the sense of having your own style in posting visual content that also refers to aesthetics. Many people follow some accounts just because of their aesthetics regardless of content. It’s the treatment for your picture in terms of frame or color or effect that differs for each one. You may have seen some people use black and white pictures, using grainy images, or using only wide-angle photos like that. These are some visual styles that will please a different set of audiences. So having your own aesthetic style will give you an extra set of advantages.


Instagram stories are the key feature of Instagram right now. It attracts the viewer much since it sits on top of the timeline. Many Instagram users like to go through the stories in their feed more than scrolling to the posts because the posts will be more personally related to the account and it’s the content that disappears in 24 hours. So, most people will prefer to post and view stories more. They also have an edge over normal posts in that you can add a link in your stories if you are handling a business profile. This can’t be done in-feed posts. Moreover, they have many features that can bring auto Instagram likes for your content as a result of engagement. There are some effective ways to make the most of the stories.  

  •  Use the location tag on your stories. This will take you to a new set of audiences since Instagram lists your story under that specific location.
  • Add stickers that are available such as quizzes, and polls, and ask a question in your stories to create more interactions. 
  • Post different types of content like behind the scenes, or any lively visuals which will look interesting to the viewers


Hashtags on Instagram or any social media are the tickets to reaching the top. Using relevant and trending hashtags in your posts and stories will give your posts a higher reach. Instagram limits one to use 30 hashtags per post. But sometimes even 30 looks spammy. So, keep it under 25. Avoid using very basic hashtags like peace, and love, since they are used by a very high number of users and the probability of your post appearing under that tag, is less. Choose hashtags that are related to the context of the post. Instagram will suggest some hashtags when you type. Choose something that is not overused and also has decent numbers. 

Don’t Post to Often

At the start, you have to post regularly so that your account can reach more people. But after getting a considerable number of followers, you have to decrease it. Because posting too many posts might have a chance of irritating users at that time. But the main thing is, that it will affect the reach of your previous post. Actually, at first, Instagram shows your posts to 10% of your followers. Based on the engagement rate, your posts will reach more people. So, when you post back to back, it will affect the reach, especially when you posted very good content. You could save it as a draft and post it after if you got an idea, rather than posting them almost at the same time. 

Engage with Audience

Reminding you of the fact that Instagram is a social network. Not a publishing site. Everything you do here should be directed towards interaction and engagement with the community. Building a good relationship with the community will help your account grow more and stronger. Engagement doesn’t only mean likes or comments on your posts but also your responsiveness towards your followers. Replying to their comments, sharing their opinions or reviews, and replying to them privately are also the main parts. This will create a good image of you and people will start to see you as something more than just an account.

Posting Techniques

There are some techniques to make your post better. Instagram offers a feature called carousels in which you can add up to 10 photos in a single post. Viewers can see pictures by swiping left and right to go back and forth. This will help give you a broad view of your content.

Bio and Profile

Your profile and bio are like a visiting card for you on Instagram. That has the potential to impress the viewers at a glance. So, you should carefully craft your bio and keep bettering your profile.  So, these are the 10 tips that you can master by following them regularly, and so you will get noticed by your viewers and change them into your followers in the upcoming year. 

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