11 Awesome Instagram Story Tips That Stun Your Followers

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Are you looking for quick and engaging story ideas? If you’re a business owner or influencer who wants to increase your brand awareness or boost your sales, you can go for an Instagram story without any second thought.

This article shows some of the amazing Instagram story ideas to start your first Instagram stories. Okay, Why is Instagram Story It Worth Or Not Well, it’s super funny; moreover, it’s a super-powerful feature on Instagram. When compared with the regular Instagram views on the feed post, you would receive triple engagement and reach. Do you know? Nearly 1.7 billion accounts use story format daily. 500+ million people use this feature, in that one-third of Instagram stories play a significant role in social media and marketing strategies. Now you will know the importance of using Instagram stories; the only question you may ask is what to post. 

I have come up with 11 unique Instagram story ideas, keep reading to create engaging stories.

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Give Intro For Your Brand 

If you’re a business or brand using an Instagram story, your first action has to post an introduction for your brand. Before making an introduction about your brand, ask a few questions yourself,

  • What type of product or brand you are offering
  • Who is your target market
  • How you will solve your customer’s problem 
  • Why people love your services

Through this introduction, people will understand a bit about your business. Also, when it comes to Instagram stories, there is no barrier seriously. Remember, the first impression is the best; this is your brand or product, and you need to present it creatively in front of your audience.

Show Your Team Members 

Usually, people do business with people, and with so many companies on Instagram, they may do exactly what you are doing. So you need to give a practical reason to pick your account. Showing your team member behind the brand encourages your followers to connect with your account personally. You can even show your employees. If you are confused about any term related to Instagram, you can check the glossary Instagram.

Harness the Power Of Behind-The-Scenes Content

People on Instagram love to watch behind-the-scenes content; actually, there is something behind BTC content. An Instagram story idea cannot go with behind-the-scenes content. Give a glance at what’s going on in your company; you may discuss a new product launch, work on anything exciting, plan for an event, organize an event, and more. When it comes to BTC, everything matters, so don’t miss the chance, to shoot your day-to-day happenings and share them with your audience like a sneak peek.

Highlights Your Product/Services 

Instagram stories are an excellent place to highlight your product or services funnily. In fact, you can add more informative details about your product. Look at the following question,

  • What type of products/services are you offering?
  • How it differs from other products (its benefits, features, usage)
  • Why it’s so great

While highlighting your product ensures, that it answers the question mentioned above. On your Instagram stories, you have plenty of features; you can use text, photos, boomerangs, polls, stickers, and more. Ensure you creatively showcase your product or services.

Let Creators Takeover Your Account

One of the easy ways to get fresh and new content for your Instagram stories is by collaborating with creators. Team up with popular creators or influencers and let the creators take over your Instagram account for one day. While choosing the influencer, ensure they target your market, and they must be familiar with your audience so that your audience will enjoy their presence. They have the superpower to create eye-catching content; with their presence, you can easily obtain more story views for Instagram posts and easily attract audience attention. By collaborating with influencers, you can pull their followers to your account. It makes your account more famous and gains more exposure in front of a massive audience.

Try Polls 

Polls are one of the favorite features of the audience because people like to share their opinion on particular topics. By using a poll you not only get your audience definitive answers, but it’s an excellent way to engage with them. Ensure your polls are lighthearted and fun; you can even use this feature in your market research.

Pay Attention To Audience Preference & Educational Content

When people have any questions, you can use Instagram stories to answer them, it’s a great place to respond to any type of question. On the other hand, you can share educational content like tips, tricks, and any business advice. For instance, if you’re a fashion blogger, your FAQ from your audience will be styling tips for different body structures and tips for pairing various outfits.

Your Stories Is Not Only About You

Don’t think you must post only about yourself in your stories; you can use this stage to appreciate or value people who compliment your action. Give them a shout-out on your story, and let everyone know about their work. Actually, people love to get noticed, especially when someone recognizes their actions.

Ask Questions

This or that format of questions will go well on Instagram; this helps to know your audience better. Either you can ask to participate in something someone has already created or come up with your own. As soon as you upload the question, pop a blank template and ask your audience to fill it and tag it as well.

What About Testimonials & Reviews

Social proof is one of the effective ways to entice an audience and convert them into conversion. When people know your worth, they’ll show interest in buying or doing business with your account. It may be screenshots of customer reviews, snippets of emails about you, and more.

When you upload any new content, either in the feed or on IGTV, use the Instagram story for advertising it. It helps to get more visibility for your posts; you can increase your engagement rate there.

Winding Up

Instagram is one of the most celebrated social media platforms, it has many exciting features, but the story has its own uniqueness and popularity. It has reached millions of people’s hearts; either you can use this stage for business-related purposes or if you’re an individual who is looking for fame. I hope this article has offered you different kinds of content ideas for your Instagram story.

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