How To Find the Best Accessories for Your Face Shape

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Every woman has her own personal style, and accessories are a way to define this style. Every woman wears a must-have accessory differently. When it comes to accessories like jewelry, though, face shape can set the tone for how an accessory plays into an ensemble.

There are many different shapes of faces: heart, square, oval, or round. Since your face shape plays into hairstyles, maybe your hairstylist has mentioned your face shape to you. Some shapes flatter blunt cuts, others look best with layers. The same also applies to accessories like sunglasses, earrings, etc. So how does your face shape impact your choice of accessories? Some women don’t think about their face shape at all…they just know what looks good on them. Others just wear what they want…and that’s fine, too.

But if you want a few guidelines on how to bring out the perfect structure of your unique face shape, here are a few accessories to grab…based on the stars, of course!

Heart-Shaped Face

Reese Witherspoon is the quintessential example of a heart-shaped face. She has been known to rock a statement earring and aviator sunglasses. Of course, some accessories flatter all shapes—and that includes stud earrings! If you want to use stud earrings to nod to your heart influence, choose heart-shaped diamond earrings! While bigger and bolder shades have been on trend, Reese gravitates to a square structure…and this geometric shape really flatters a heart face.

Round Face

Round Face

Selena Gomez and Ginnifer Goodwin have perfectly round features. Ginnifer can rock a pixie cut better than almost anyone, thanks to her delicate features. As for accessories, she sticks with lots of stud earrings or delicate drops. Selena chooses similar accessories, but also has been known to grab the bold hoop earrings (she keeps them thin, though, to balance her features).   Round, cat-eye or big sunglasses or even prescription night driving glasses also look great on round faces 

Square Face

Demi Moore has a classic square face. Looking back at Demi’s style through the years, however, she has worn it all. Pixie cuts, long hair, big sunglasses, oval readers. For earrings, she gravitates to drops or more delicate styles. If your hair is longer, try big hoops! Embrace your perfect geometric beauty and select princess cut stud earrings…these are a more modern and squared off design!

Oval Face

Oval Face

Allure mentions Beyonce and Rihanna as fellow oval face beauties. This face shape is quite versatile, and can wear pretty much any look. From tiny stud earrings to boldhoops, have fun with your accessories!  Your face shape almost gives you style carte blanche!

While different styles flatter each face shape, what you wear…and how you wear it…ultimately depends on you and your interpretation of style. While your face shape might influence the geometric proportions of accessories, many a fashionista has bucked the flattering trend and gone completely against the rules. When it comes to fashion, sometimes rules were meant to be broken! Have fun accessorizing and use those accents to create new fashion looks and rock your own amazing style!

Guest Post by Uma Campbell

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