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Are you planning an event? Well, among the most crucial concepts is addressing your guests’ needs, among them being food and refreshments. Planning a successful event is not a walk in the park; as you strive to make it memorable, you can use all the help you can gather, among them being enlisting catering services from reputable businesses such as MOSO. From table service, reception, to buffet service, understanding your event’s requirements ensures that you choose the right catering service. As you search for a catering service, among the key points to consider include;

Event’s size

What’s the expected number of guests, and can the catering service adequately handle it? For a catering service to qualify as a good fit, they need to possess enough resources, including the workforce. While a smaller event might not be stressing, dealing with a significant number of guests can be quite overwhelming, requiring practical planning skills that account and accommodates even for the last-minute changes. As you choose a catering service following the event’s size, among the top tips is considering the service’s experience and expertise. If they have handled an event with similar requirements, they are better positioned to deliver to your expectations.

Special requirements

Will your event be graced by guests with special dietary needs? Understanding your guests’ individual needs helps you to enlist catering service flexible enough to accommodate such requests. Moreover, if you plan to include specific cuisines, keeping it in mind is vital as well, since not all catering services may be well equipped to handle such needs.


Hiring catering services help in more ways than just the food and refreshment, such as by guiding you in dealing with specific permits. For instance, if you are serving alcohol, you might be needed to get a permit. With a licensed catering service, such concern won’t bother you as they are well-aware of an event’s legal requirements. Ensuring that a catering service is licensed also gives you the peace of mind knowing that you can legally pursue them in case of an unfortunate occurrence such as food contamination. If an accident happens, moreover, having enlisted a licensed catering service also comes in handy while dealing with your insurance provider.

Customer service

Communication is a vital element while planning an event, and without active customer service, you can’t accomplish much. Skilled customer service allows you to create an effective relationship, meaning that there will be little if any miscommunications. As they are eager to listen to your concerns and address them promptly, you can work harmoniously and make the event not just successful but also memorable.

Consider testimonials

After narrowing your options to a few catering services, considering customer testimonials come in handy. Happy customers are more than willing to leave a positive testimonial to help others. From the testimonials, you can get a better image of what to expect from the catering service. As you check out testimonials, you can go a step further and consider independent review sites for a less-biased opinion.

Location and venue

A catering service with local knowledge is better positioned to deliver the required services with little to no delays. As you factor in the location, however, see to it that you understand the venue’s terms since some venues have a limitation, not to mention preferred catering services. 

The budget

Your budget determines what catering service you can comfortably afford, but that shouldn’t drive your search to the cheapest rates in the market. With the competitive prices available, you can find a service that matches your needs and is within your budget. The trick, however, is weighing the service’s value against the cost.

Taste the food

Now that you have two or three options left, it is time to taste their food. This is to ensure that it lives up to your expectations, and if the service is hesitant to accommodate your tasting needs, it could be an indication that they are not capable of meeting your requirements.

Get it in writing

It’s time to finalize the process, but don’t make the mistake of going for a verbal agreement. A written agreement can save you in troublesome situations. Before signing the contract, read and understand the fine print to avoid frustration such as hidden fees or having to rush to avail certain items. For instance, see to it that the quote includes VAT if any, and deliverables as agreed. Also, check out the cancellation policy should an unfortunate happening derail your event.

Enlisting professional catering services alleviates stress, is cost-effective, and helps to create a positive impression of your event to mention a few benefits. With the above tips, you can quickly find and enlist reputable and reliable catering services such as MOSO

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