How To Build Shoulders: Your Quick Guide To Getting Rounder, Stronger Shoulders

Get those pair of blades the look that they deserve as we give you a quick guide on how to build stronger, rounder shoulders.

Your body doesn’t deserve the word statuesque” if you don’t own a set of round, robust shoulders. And so, may have now aspired to have those killer shoulders that definitely deserve to be spectated on when you’re doing some of your round at the gym. Unfortunately, not all of us are equipped with the right know-how on building shoulders. Not all of us know that there is something more than having a pair of shoulder blades. Thankfully, all of us are endowed with easy access on how to sculpt them, either at home or right at your favorite gym.

Today, we’ll just about discuss these crucial ways on how to build shoulders effectively. For those who have just gotten started and are looking for ways to improve the look of their shoulders, this post is for you.

In Essence 

Shoulders comprise of three main muscles — the anterior, the lateral, and the posterior deltoids. All of these main parts should be worked out if you want them stronger and more balanced. But as they go, there are now known techniques that provide you with the right results. And by right ones, I mean shoulders that are balanced.

For you to have a balanced set of shoulders, a routine that follows around your medial and rear deltoids is strongly encouraged. Begin by placing some extra concentration on your delts’ middle and rear sections. With this, you’re bound to develop an all-new shape and size that should make your shoulders attractive. In addition, your shoulders’ strength is set to increase with this added focus on your shoulders.

Without dilly-dallying, here are three concise methods that should develop those shoulder muscles:

1.) The front deltoids 

Building your front deltoids should begin with you performing overhead shoulder presses. This exercise should benefit your anterior deltoid greatly. Deemed as the most efficient exercise for shoulder-building, this exercise can use a barbell, a pair of dumbbells, and for the more equipped, the shoulder press machine.

The best position to start this exercise on is by standing. You can hold either a pair of dumbbells or barbell with your palms forwardly gripping them. Your arms should be slightly wider than your shoulders. Place the wright right in front of your head or just above your shoulder level.

When doing the press, ensure that you’re lifting your chosen equipment above your head; also, make certain that your shoulders are straightened when you’re at this step. On the other hand, ensure that you don’t favor a side of your shoulder and that they should be evenly distributed. Presses should be done on a high-weight and low repetition activity with two to four sets of four to eight reps each.

2.) The lateral deltoids

Lateral deltoids are best developed by doing lateral raises. You can begin in a standing position with your arms on your sides, each hand holding a dumbbell. Next, place your arms straight away from both sides right until they become floor-adjacent. With elbows bent, start tilting your hands forward and act as if you’re pouring a beverage. Then, hold your dumbbells at your arms’ length momentarily as you slowly place the weights back to the original position.

Now for some tips: ensure that you exhale right when your arms can reach the lift’s apex; inhale slowly when you begin doing the opposite. Also, make certain that you lift in a stable pace and use a good form when doing these raises. Akin to overhead shoulder presses, lateral raises are best done when standing.

3.) The rear deltoids

The bent-over dumbbell lateral raise is the one you should go for when you’re geared towards developing your rear deltoids. Similar to that of the regular lateral raise, the only obvious exception is that you’re bent over forward with this regimen. Along with overhead shoulder presses and lateral raises, this one, too, can be performed by either standing or sitting on a press bench with you leaning over your knees.

You can watch this video to learn how to perform a dumbbell bent-over raise.

All of these exercises can be done right at your home or at the gym. Either way, the key really is consistency and that ability to determine which exercise is the right one for each deltoid. If you encounter injury or dislocation in the process, a good shoulder brace is definitely worth your look.

Final thoughts

Once you’re already acquainted with the anatomy of your shoulder muscles, the next thing to do is to learn how to work them effectively. With these three exercises, your shoulders are more than bound to become much rounder and stronger in no time. Just make certain that you follow them diligently and religiously enough right until you get your aspired results.

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How To Build Shoulders: Your Quick Guide To Getting Rounder, Stronger Shoulders
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