How Long Do Tape in Hair Extension Last

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Hair extensions are incredibly versatile and can do wondrous things for your hair. Add volume, length, and color to your strands with tape-ins. These small, thin pieces are super easy to install and don’t look bulky under natural hair, making them great for thin or short lengths. While not a permanent solution (as they can wash out), these human hair extensions can be worn daily or even up to a year before you need a replacement. We have got the lowdown on how to use tape in hair extensions so that you get long, gorgeous hair!

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What is Tape In Hair Extensions?

Tape in hair extensions typically consists of one-inch wide sections of hair sewn to strips of tape. They’re sewn together and attached one inch away from the scalp, while the tape backing is applied to sandwich your natural hair in between layers, bonding it to the extensions. Tape in hair extensions does not require any special tools, chemicals, or heat as they’re attached to your own strands via adhesive tabs that are lined with strands of keratin or silk that bond upon contact with your natural hair and do less damage than other methods because they’re placed so close to the scalp. The good news? They can be applied in less than an hour so you can cut downtime while making your hairstyles look more voluminous and healthy quicker by providing a fuller base for hairstyling!

How Long Do They Last?

Usually, tape-in hair extensions can remain in your hair for between six and eight weeks. However, it’s best to remember that they can also be removed and replaced at any point before they’ve entirely lost their hold. At this point, you shouldn’t simply leave the same set in longer than necessary because they will not have grown back on their own. You can use the same set of hair extensions up to three times before they need to be replaced.

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Reinstalling and Reusing Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions can be maintained multiple times before they should be replaced. Clients usually reinstall their hair extensions if they want to maintain their tresses at a certain length or if they feel that their tape in extensions is becoming slack, which can happen after extended use of daily wear and tear. Tape in hair extensions generally has more staying power when placed closer to the scalp, intensifying the bond for greater support. When it comes time to remove and reapply tape extra hair, your stylist will wet the adhesive with a few drops of a liquid remover. The extensions can then be gently removed from the hair, which should be washed, conditioned, and dried to remove any leftover adhesive removing liquid.


Benefits of Tape In Hair Extensions

Compared to other types of hair extensions, tape in hair extensions offer benefits like ease of installation, longevity, and affordability. Using only a single strip of clear medical-grade adhesive per piece, tape in hair extensions can be applied within just a few minutes without tools or professional help. If you have fine or thinning hair, don’t worry: unlike other types of hair extensions which often add extra bulk to your strands, tape in hair extensions clip easily into place so that they blend naturally with your own locks and don’t look fake or unnatural.

Purchasing Your Extensions

There are a number of different types of hair extensions which, in addition to being available in all manner of lengths and colors, are also available for purchase on the internet. We all know how difficult shopping can be sometimes, so it’s not surprising that the majority of girls just want to go to a single website and get everything they need in one location upfront. Choose the best tape in hair extension from online market and get a natural outlook instantly

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