Horrid Carrot review of Skyrim-Elder Scrolls

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Horrid Carrot reviews possibly one of the best games of all-time.  A game made by nerds, for nerds. A game that lets you roam freely in the vast open wilds of Skyrim. A world rife with political turmoil, war and maybe a dragon or two.

In Skyrim, you can choose to play as one of ten species and embark on an epic adventure as the mighty dragonborn.

We hope you enjoy it and lose yourself in one of the best games of all time. Like I said. We’re true blue nerds.

Watch this detailed review for Skyrim – Elder Scrolls here on You Tube. Just click the dragon’s eye and be transported to another world…..


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We mostly sit alone in a dark room, playing video games (being sarcastic about video games) so that you don’t have to! Or if you do, you’re 600% better informed, because our opinion is gold. We do our best to bring you regular playthroughs, sarcasm and reviews.


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