Home Constructions Trends for 2021: Mindful Living

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Everyone has been affected by 2020 in different ways, and change has become the new normal. The extra time has been a chance to step back and get some perspective, and many have been inspired to begin again. There’s no better way to start over than with a new home, preferably of the “dream” variety. The home construction trends for 2021 are predicting custom designs built around a more mindful lifestyle. Here’s a glimpse into the future.

Outdoor Living

The hectic pace of daily life can make it hard to connect with nature, so professional Townsville builders are addressing this by bringing nature into homes. Backyards are taking on more formal statuses as living areas, with outdoor kitchens, larger seating areas, and even entertainment centers. Heat sources like outdoor fireplaces are making backyards more functional in colder weather. Also, more homes are featuring “outdoor living rooms,” a continuation of indoor family rooms that are exposed to one or more sides to the yard. They’re using more high-end furniture, peaceful settings, pergolas, and large glass doors that open from a bedroom for full-time fresh air.

Sustainable Building

It’s impossible to ignore your impact on the environment when you’re building a new home, and a lot of new construction is making sustainability a theme. All kinds of nearly forgotten words are popping up, such as “log,” “adobe,” “straw bale,” and “stucco.” Alternative methods of construction are becoming more mainstream; we’re seeing energy-efficient prefabricated structures that save money both on-site and with utility bills long-term. Solar panels are being incorporated everywhere, including garages and sheds. And, on the more extreme end, the “Earthships” of the ’70s are back for a second try.

Smart Homes

While many homeowners are craving simpler lives, 2020 has proven that we need technology more than ever. Smart homes are the logical next step in residential construction. However, the intention isn’t necessarily to have the capability to do more—it’s to do less. Built-in, cutting-edge technology means that homeowners can automate temperature, home networks, phones, appliances, speakers, computers, home security, and lighting. Houses can be operated with applications, voice commands, and even artificial intelligence. The idea is that, with less time bogged down by trivial tasks, we’ll have more opportunities to fully engage in life. In fact, the home construction trends for 2021 all have one thing in common: They have the potential to create atmospheres for more meaningful lives.

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