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History is a vast and expansive subject. As humans, we love to keep records of things we have done in the past and the way that it would affect our future, and throughout the years there have been countless different events that have changed our world forever. You can learn more about the history and revolutions in detail at Ultimate Flags Youtube Channel. Today we are going to take a look at a few of the most important events in history which had a lasting impact on the world.


One of the most famous wars in the history of the British monarchy was the war of the roses. During the 1400s there was some question of who should be the rightful heir to the throne after the mental health of Henry VI was called into question. He was unable to produce a male heir for a long time with his wife and this lead to other close family members fighting over who would ascend to the throne if he died without issue. After 30 years of hard-fought wars between Lancaster and York, eventually, the Tudor family came into power and this set the stage for the reign of the most notorious king of them all, Henry VIII.


In the 14th century, what seemed to be an innocent shipment of goods from China to Europe resulted in one of the biggest losses of life in human history. The black death, or bubonic plague, was a pathogen found inside fleas, which in turn would live on the bodies of rats, which would often stowaway on shipments of goods. The black death spread like wildfire and during this time it is estimated that as many as 200 million people died. The change this made to the population as well as the effective wiping out of many families would change the world as we know it. If those people hadn’t have died, who knows what the world would be like today with all those people.


Roman Peace was a period of around 200 years where the Roman empire was peaceful. Considering the Roman history of invading and taking over the world, this was a huge change in pace and it had a massive effect on the world as a whole. Without the Romans taking over cities and building aqueducts and changing lifestyles, many places around the world lived in peace but also in a less advanced state of human evolution. This period of peace however allowed the Romans to invent new things and build their empire and it was a turning point in human life.


If you have seen the film 300 or played Assassins Creed Odyssey any time recently you will know a little about these wars. This was the time when Spartans were fierce warriors and King Leonardos led a fleet of 300 to fight the Persians and stop them from invading. However, due to a betrayal within their side, the Persians were ready for the assault and these men went down fighting for freedom. As far as Greek history goes this is an important event and one which has had a lasting impact.


The American Civil War is one you might not be familiar with if you don’t live in the United States but it was a huge deal and one which impacted the history of America forever. The civil war began between the union and the confederacy and it stretched across a huge space. The fallout of the war was the fact that slavery was made illegal in the USA and the republic was restored.


Protestants and Catholics have always been at war with each other as these two churches have very different values and the Catholics would always try to force their ways on the world. However during the reign of Henry VIII things began to change a lot in England and the rest of Britain because the catholic church who had once been the most powerful entity of all, we’re losing grip. Protestants took their chance to shine and grow and this is what set the changes in the religious system in motion in England and the rest of the world too. Intellect and science were able to thrive and because of this Britain was able to nurture some of the best scientists in the world and make some of the most impactful decisions and changes.


During the 19th century, some real changes were about to occur and these changes would impact the whole world as we know it today. Could you imagine having the flu and not being able to go to the doctors or suffering from a broken leg and not being able to have surgery? We couldn’t either. Louis Pasteur was a scientist who pioneered research into germ theory (which was not accepted before this time) and finally allowed people to get the treatment that would target bacteria and viruses. Without his work, we would still likely believe that Miasma (bad air) was what caused illness, and our death rates would be high.


If we are looking into events that changed the world that we live in today we cannot leave out the industrial revolution and the technological revolution. As far as major events in our history go, these ones are what allow us to drive cars, use our smartphones and enjoy well-made clothes and other items. During the time of the revolution, new machines were invented which would allow children to avoid the work of labor houses. Machines such as sewing machines would aid the manufacturing of clothes and sheets and many new technologies were created to make our lives easier. Materials would begin to be mass-produced in key areas of the revolution such as Manchester, and eventually, our whole way of life would change entirely.

WORLD WAR II (1939-45)

How Many WW2 Veterans are Still Alive? No one can put a number on it but there are a surprising number of people still here today to share stories of the war in full. When it comes to wars, this was a huge one and it made a massive impact on the world as a whole.

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