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The current business environment is putting an emphasis on creating a pleasant atmosphere for employees that will increase loyalty and productivity.

While improving office life is a big part of this, it is also important to provide activities outside of the office that can give your workers a chance to bond in ways they may never get a chance to in work related setting. These events will also increase your workers’ appreciation of their company and leaders which is a feeling that will pay off in the workplace.

Though offering events outside the workplace is a great boost for morale, they’re not going to have the desired effect if you plan a ho-hum party that no one will be looking forward to attending. That’s why it’s important to plan carefully and think of elements that will take it to the next level. With that in mind, here are some ideas on planning a company party that is sure to make your employees happy. Be sure your location provides all you need to make your event work. If your company party is outdoor then it is best to rent party tents.

Planning the Basics

A great party starts with careful planning. With company events, it may be a bit easier as there are probably set times of the year you are looking to throw your party and there may also be certain locations you are already familiar with and like to use. 

You might want to hold your next company party in a bar restaurant, such as Bar in Shoreditch or one near your office. In doing so, everyone can enjoy good food, drinks, and music. Keep in mind that everyone deserves to unwind and party after a long day of work; it’s an excellent way to de-stress from work pressure. Such an environment can help eliminate burnout and provide everyone with a fun and exciting party to remember.

However, if this is your first time planning a company party, or you want to change it up a bit this year, here are some things you will want to consider.

Budget: Your budget is the first thing you will want to think about. This will dictate how much you can afford to spend on your location, food, decorations and whatever else will be necessary in planning a terrific party.

Location: Be sure your location provides all you need to make your event work. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it have the capacity to hold the amount of people you are expecting?
  • Is it conveniently located so that your workers won’t have to travel too far to attend the event?
  • If you are having a band perform, is there a stage and PA?
  • Does the venue provide tables, chairs, a kitchen and other necessary features and amenities?

These are all things that should be considered in finding a location that is right for you.

Date: Companies typically throw parties in the summer or around the holidays. Be sure to throw yours at a time when most of your workers will be in town. It’s a good idea to ask them if they have any plans to vacation before setting a date for your party.

Theme: Now is a good time to start thinking of what theme you want to incorporate into your party. You might want to pick an era in time and let that dictate the type of clothing people will wear and the music you play. Popular television shows and movies can also be great themes.

The Invites

Now that you have a date and time for your party, it’s time to build some excitement. Invitations should be sent out when people will have enough time to plan and clear their schedules accordingly but not so far in advance that they will forget about the event as it’s getting closer.

Depending on the scope of the event, anywhere from two weeks to a month out can be acceptable.

With new technology, there are several ways you can send out invites. Social media, mobile apps, emails are all effective while handwritten invitations can also be a classy touch. Be sure to create invitations and online events that are in line with the theme of your party to build excitement.

The Entertainment

Once you have a theme worked out for your party, finding the right entertainment shouldn’t be too difficult. Arranging a LED disco dance floor can be a great idea to wow your guests. Live music can be perfect for almost any event. More formal events may have guest speakers as well.

If your event is more family oriented, a magician is ideal.  You can also provide activities your families can participate in by hiring airbrush tattoo artists, photo booths, jumpy castles and the like.

Friendly competition is always fun as well. If you’re planning an outdoor event, interoffice battels like 3-leg carnival races, horseshoes and tug of war can be quite entertaining. This will also create bonding moments for your employees and increase their ability to work as a team.

To liven up your corporate party, you can prepare cool games such as trivia, memory games, picture me, and other enjoyable group games. In addition, a ‘talent’ portion is an excellent idea. Surely, you have singers, dancers, and other talented artists in the company who want to share their talents to entertain everyone.

The Food

No event is complete without great food. For formal events, consider going with full catering. If your event is more casual, you can go with ordered catering from a local restaurant. Depending on how casual your event it, fast food or pizza can also be perfectly acceptable. You can even save on expenses by making your event potluck.

But whatever direction you decide to take with your food, be sure to consider the restrictions your employees might have. Be sure to provide vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options and take food allergies into consideration to make sure no one ends up going home hungry.

If you plan to hire catering services, be certain to deal with a legitimate business. A reputable catering company employs food experts to ensure food safety. Remember that the worst thing that can happen at a company party is food poisoning. Therefore, exercise caution while selecting the food preparation choice for a large group. Hire a reputable catering service with a safety certificate, permits, insurance, and other relevant credentials.   

Staying Sane

Party planning can get very stressful so it’s important to remember that this is supposed to be fun and life will go on if one or two things don’t go exactly as expected. To further minimize stress, it’s a good idea to create a timeline for yourself so that you can stay on schedule and don’t get overwhelmed by when you need to do what.

A timeline will also help you to remember everything, so you don’t end up scrambling at the last minute. Otherwise, you might compromise the success of your company party. So, ensure to plan the party systematically to avoid overlooking the necessary details and going overboard. 

Figure out when everything needs to be done by and use a method that is convenient for you to keep track of everything and deal with matters as they need to be dealt with.

Party planning is not easy but, in a company setting, offering these events can boost loyalty, productivity and pay off with workers that have an allover better attitude towards office life. If your company’s party planning has fallen on your shoulders, create a timeline for everything that needs to be done and work on getting together the entertainment, food and location that will make your party a hit. Then look forward to having a great time with your colleagues!

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