Grilled Salmon

Sloane Taylor
Sloane Taylor 2 Min Read

I’ve never been a big fan of fish, especially salmon. But Studs could live on fish

This caused a dilemma in our little house until I adapted an old friend’s recipe to my taste and fell in love.

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Salmon on the Grill

1 salmon filet per person
1 fresh lime or lemon
1 bottle Italian salad dressing – I prefer the low or no fat type
cooking spray

Place the salmon in a plastic bag. Squeeze the juice from the lime over the fish. Pour in enough salad dressing to cover the filets. Seal the bag and gently move it around to mix in the juice.

Lay the salmon bag into a glass or aluminum bowl just large enough to hold the marinade in place. Marinate in fridge for 1 – 5 hours.

Heat grill to medium. Spray a doubled sheet of aluminum foil. Lay the prepared foil on the grill, then add the fish, scale side up. Grill 7 minutes. Turn. Grill 5-7 minutes or until fish is flaky.

Scrape off the silver skin before you serve the salmon.


Grilled Veggies

Yellow & Red Peppers
And anything else that strikes your fancy!
Cooking spray

Slice all the veggies to medium thickness pieces. I like to slice the zucchini and potatoes on an angle. It just looks nice. 

Make one package per person. Spay a little oil on a piece of aluminum foil. Layer veggies onto foil. Season with pepper and several pats of butter. Seal tight. 

Grill 15-20 minutes on medium. 



Use your favorite brand of rice, adding packaged chicken broth in place of the water. Save some of the red or yellow pepper from the veggies and toss into the rice at the beginning. 

Cook rice per package directions.

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