Goose Bolton Talks About Mental Health in his Video for “Lunatic”

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Goose Bolton, the character and artist, originates from California and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, where he has been an active member of the music scene in multiple groups since the mid 2010s. He has been releasing experimental short beats starting in early 2021, and “Lunatic” is the first single off of his upcoming full record. It’s a body of work he began in 2019 and has been fermenting steadily throughout the pandemic. He also works as a film composer, with his most recent work being on the award-winning short films Dukka and Dances with Shadows. 

“Lunatic,” his newest EDM single, sounds like that of Funkadelic. It’s a psych-industrial electro-funk gem that’s instrumental with light shoegaze vox at the climax. It’s very reminiscent of the 80’s and 90’s with a hint of modern day EDM and electronica spin. It has a sound that you can’t quite put your finger on, though you enjoy the ride it takes you on. 

The video that accompanies the song is all about mental health and what it can feel like to someone who suffers from a mental illness, like Depression or an anxiety disorder. “‘Lunatic’ began as an idea to accompany an animated story about a character who hallucinates talking objects, but then it grew into its own thing,” says Goose. “[myself] and Nick Chuba originally were going for a distorted blown-out drum set sort of pulse that would work as a center gravitational pull while other musical elements and percussion swirl around it. The cover art for the single is related to the video, and illustrates the moment that the Lizard Authorities are informed about the escaped patient and send out proxies to recapture her, which is where the video’s narrative begins.”

Goose Bolton - Lunatic (Official Video)

The video was directed by the up-and-coming auteur Tiger Ji, whose award-winning debut short film “Wuhan Driver” is currently premiering at New York Shorts International Film Fest.

Goose Bolton co-produced and co-composed the track with Nick Chuba, a Los Angeles-based film composer who has been accruing prestigious scoring and music credits on academy award-winning films. The track was mixed by the legendary Craig Bauer, who has won multiple grammys for his work with artists like Kanye West and Lupe Fisas.

“Lunatic” takes you on a musical journey, using powerful rhythms that underpin eccentric, catchy synth hooks, and hypnotic chords. It provides an image in your minds of a space you’re not familiar with, yet you want to get closer. Out October 29, 2021, “Lunatic” is not a song you’ll want to miss.

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