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Gold by Kidd Bayou

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Comprised of Oregon native Luke Hall and Chicagoan Joey Colando, Kidd Bayou started creating music together while both were focusing on their own projects.

Their mutual influences, which include Death Cab For Cutie, The Shins, Wilco, and Elliott Smith, allowed the two to discover a cohesive vibe that spoke to both of them. Separately, they come from highly musical backgrounds; Hall spent years producing music for bands in the Oregon indie scene while focusing on his solo project Last Home. Previous to that, he was in Los Angeles-based band Dayplayer, while Colando focused mostly on honing his songwriting abilities and playing in his LA based folk band Meekos & Me. But it was their thirst for experimentation and undeniably chemistry that became the driving force behind the music they created. 

One of those tracks is the beautifully melodic single, “Gold.” It encompasses a subtle feeling of bittersweet regret, light and folky in moments, it’s filled with a quiet anxiety built atop rhythmic pop as the emotional toil grows stronger and brighter. An eerie yet wistful background vocal, courtesy of Lisa Rono, injects a sense of intimacy and adds to the powerful dynamic. The use of layered vocals and a direct, steady beat create an intensity that toggles between joy and discontent effortlessly. Just as the lyrics paint a picture of frustration and distant hope, the arrangement adds its own emotion; and the two together craft a refreshing piece of music you want to listen to again and again. Check out Kidd Bayou’s new single, “Gold,” out now!



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