Are you wasting your twenties?

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Traditionally, the twenties are supposed to shape one’s destiny. This period is regarded as the ‘selfish decade” as you are allowed to be as self-absorbed as you can. Honestly, most of us are out to win (for ourselves) in our twenties which is why 2/3 of one’s career growth is recorded at this stage.

For the longest time, most people would have gotten their undergrad and post-grad degrees in their twenties, gotten married and started families, or at least found partners they felt they could settle down with before hitting thirty. That was as standard as the curriculum for a calculus tutor, but things have changed these days. Thirty is becoming the new twenty with people opting to spend more time exploring other things then settling down much later in their lives.

So, how do you ensure that you don’t waste this important decade?

  • Invest in Yourself

While the twenties present the best time to get explore your surroundings without anything holding you back, it would be better to participate in things that grow you or shape the person you want to be in the future. Explore hobbies that you would want to take with you to the next phase of your life and that will potentially help you meet people that you want to be part of your life. This intentional exploration will give you a purpose that will make your twenties less confusing.

  • Take the pressure off your next decade

Some people decide to do all the crazy stuff they want in their twenties and then put a mandatory maturity cap on their thirtieth birthday. It’s common to hear one say they will start “adulting” at thirty. That puts unnecessary pressure on the next decade as, honestly, who stops growing up? The best thing to do is have fun in your twenties while making deliberate attempts to slow down in preparation for your thirtieth birthday. Things don’t have to come to a halting stop at 30.

  • Invest in Meaningful Relationships

Some of the most meaningful and memorable relationships are formed in one’s twenties. Most people go through their best and worst relationships at this stage, and this experience molds one’s perspective on love and loyalty. Our minds are quite flexible at this stage of life and we have little to nor responsibilities, and so we find ourselves being flexible to new ideas and thoughts. As with any stage of life it is more beneficial to form relationships with people who think differently from you and even those in a different age group. They enrich experiences and help know what to expect as we age.

  • Grow in Your Career

In your twenties is when you finally get your first degree and get a real job. While it is the decade for fun exploration, it is also the best time to grow and shape your career. You probably don’t have children or a spouse demanding too much of your time and attention, and so you have plenty of time to dedicate to your career.

If it feels like you wasted your twenties and are dreading entering the next phase of your life, know that there are no permanent mistakes. You can shape your destiny at whatever age as long as you have a goal.

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