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Effective Ways To Improve Your Hiring Process

When you become your own boss, the idea of hiring people to work for you is definitely exciting. Although most entrepreneurs begin their ventures alone, before long, you will have to bring in other people to help tackle the growing workload. A business can only ever be as good as those working behind the scenes, which is why you must ensure that everyone you bring into the fold is right for the job. With that in mind, here are five effective ways to improve your hiring process. 

Write Clearer Job Descriptions

When someone applies for a job in your company, they will do so based on the description of the role that you provide. If you’ve noticed you are always receiving applications from individuals not suited for the job, the issue could lie with the description. Although there’s no such thing as a perfect job description, there are definitely ways to improve yours. You don’t have to write pages of information, but you must provide a clear and thorough explanation of the open role. 

Ask The Right Questions

A job interview is a tool many employers utilize when hiring new talent. The questions that you ask throughout this process are crucial, as they’ll help you to separate the desirable candidates from the poor ones. Because of this, you should only ask questions relevant to the job that they’re applying for. To this end, you must avoid asking candidates any magic questions. You don’t need to know what a new hire would do with three genie wishes, after all. 

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Bring In More People

As the hiring manager and business owner, your opinion on potential new hires is incredibly important. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s the only one that counts. Considering any new employee you hire will be working very closely with the others, you may want to consult with them too. Invite a few of your most trusted employees to sit in on interviews and ask questions of their own. Afterwards, they can give feedback, allowing you to make an informed decision. 

Test The Best Candidates

A huge issue many employers face throughout the hiring process is candidates who lie on their applications. This can cause you to hire an unqualified individual, costing you time and money. To make sure that you’re hiring the right person, you can test candidates using quizzes and role play. You might also want to have all candidates undergo a marijuana drug test. Before offering anyone a job, you must remember to check their employment and personal references too. 

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Throw In A Survey

Despite being the one overseeing the hiring process, you might not be able to spot the issues wrong with it. Once the process has ended, therefore, you should ask candidates to give their feedback. If you want honest answers, you should allow individuals to do this anonymously, in the form of a survey. Those unsuccessful candidates might take this as an opportunity to lash out, so it’s best that you also ask surveys to be completed before you give anyone a call. 


Finding the right employee can be tricky, but following the advice above should make it a little easier. 

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