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Hey Ho, Guys! We’re back with our next column. Let’s talk reviews and what being a reviewer is all about.

Anyone can review a book, every reader is entitled to their opinion on what they have just read. Indie Author’s especially really encourage people to write reviews. These Authors are self published and welcome the reviews to help spreading the word about their writing. Not all reviews are going to be five star, everyone has different tastes, the most important thing for anyone reviewing a book is honesty while hopefully remaining respectful.

When we first started reviewing, we began to notice people would go onto Goodreads and place a one star on a book that wasn’t even out. How you ask? Well unfortunately this is possible on Goodreads. In the book community these people are called Trolls. LOL! I know, right? but imagine you have been dying to read a book and you spot it on Goodreads, then proceed to add it to your TBR Shelf (To Be Read) and notice someone has already reviewed it. Possible? definitely because many blogs will receive an ARC Copy to review but all Author’s know who they sent the book to, so if someone has just posted a one star with an awful review without even reading. “HELLO TROLL”.

Isa- Never comment when someone is ‘TROLLING’, these people live to make Author’s and Readers lives a misery.

Jo- I know, how many times have I wanted to comment?

Isa- Muppet my sweetie commenting with an F… off is definitely TABOO!

Jo- Yeah but effective, LOL!

Not all blogs review, it can be very time consuming. Our blog has a review team of fourteen ladies and is run by our review manager. Actually let us introduce you to these wonderful ladies that we couldn’t live without. We are thankful to have them as part of our team and have become great friends with all of them.


Review Manager- Melinda Lazar

Reviewers- Melinda Lazar Isa Jones Joanne Swinney Becky Raby Cox Tami Baney Kim Gray Micky Barnard Monique Cashmere Lynette Kelly Tina Todd Shobe Emma Precious White Ann Meemken Tam Tam Kari Cox

That’s quite an awesome list of ladies. Oh modesty becomes us hehe!! We honesty have a blast chatting about books and life in general. It’s quite an experience waking up in the morning looking through our review chat, these ladies will tell you, it can be hilarious seeing a random rude, funny picture in our group and wondering why.

We review for all Genres as we all have different tastes in books. There have been a few occasions where some of these awesome lot will fight over a book haha!! no kidding, but luckily our review manager is not above begging the Author for more than one copy. She likes to keep the peace and uses the word FFS a lot but we love her despite her potty mouth LOL! Okay she fits in well because let’s face it we can all use profanity when things don’t go right and it’s very rare in the book world things run smoothly.

Author’s if you wish to have a book reviewed by Joandisalovebooks, please feel free to fill out our google form, then our wonderful review manager will contact you.



One Star- You hated it Two star- You didn’t like it Three star- You thought it was okay Four star- You liked it Five star- You loved it

Think about the book you just read and decide how many stars you think it should have. Try to write even just a few lines about what you just read BUT spoiler free, so no putting OMG! I can’t believe she died, That is a CARDINAL RULE and shan’t be broken! Just even writing a line saying you were engrossed in this book and recommend people to read it is always helpful to an Author. Now if you didn’t like the book lets be truthful but not hurtful. You can simply explain why that book didn’t get your juices flowing. Specially if you have received an ARC, this is the Author’s baby and has probably spend months of sweat and hard work on that book for you to shred it to pieces, they are giving it freely so just be polite and explain your reason for a low rating. We all love reading and that is why we are here there will be many books that will come into our lives and leave us breathless and some that might nor hit that spot but it is still someone’s pride and joy.

Until next time peeps.

Enter The World Of Make Believe and Read.

Jo & Isa

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