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Dinah Shore Weekend Pre-Party

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Dinah Shore Weekend 2017 kicked off with a banging pre-party event. The Event was held at the Hilton Hotel, this gives everyone a chance to get their bearings and get a real feel for how the week will unfold. Also, a lot of the woman will be meeting up with old friends and making new friends.


There were so many fun-loving women here tonight. Women who had smiles on their faces and their dancing shoes on ready to bust a move. Everyone was ready to let loose and just have fun and enjoy this night in anticipation for what’s ahead.

These women have come from all over the world to be here for the Dinah Shore Weekend. Most have come from the United States, coming as far as Ohio or Jersey. Then there are women who have come across the globe to be here for the Dinah Shore Weekend. Such as Brazil, Italy and Australia.

A lot of the Women have made it a yearly pilgrimage, while others are experiencing their first time here. These women who come yearly have made friends and stayed friends for years, so this is a time of year for them to catch up with all of those wonderful friends. And party like there is no tomorrow.

We got to chat with two of the most amazing girls tonight from Melbourne, Australia. This was their first time visiting the United States as well as Dinah Shore Weekend. They both said it was a dream of theirs to come, and decided to give it a red hot go. I asked them to keep us updated as the week unfolds to give us their thoughts on the U.S and Dinah and if they think it is worth the trip again next year.

In our opinion, the pre-kickoff  Event was a great start to what’s shaping up to be a fun time. Looking forward to the fun and exciting events to come.

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