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Music Review: Kanye’s in my Head by Boy Epic

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From out of Dallas, Texas, Boy Epic brings “Kanye’s in my Head” a single off his upcoming EP titled “Everyone’s Strange” set to be released on April 7th through Hollywood Records.

Boy Epic, who styles himself as a combination singer/actor, is a bit of a one-man show, starring in the videos for the music he has written and composed.  The sound is synth heavy but meshes well with Boy Epic’s vocal delivery. There’s a sense of harmony between the two that only serves to enhance the beat and flow of the song.

I do believe this music is misguided, however, it comes across more as rhythm and blues, heavy on the synth-voice play, rather than what I would typically view as an alternative. In fact, even the rock-pop tab is a hard one for me to attribute to this, as it leans far closer to pop-R-n-B for my tastes. Those who are expecting something besides club music wouldn’t find it here.

One thing Boy Epic’s music has going for it is that the beats would lead themselves to continuous play in a club setting and even on certain radio stations. Unfortunately, the lyrics at times get so repetitive, it would also be easy for a listener to get burned out on the song quite quickly. “Kanye’s in my Head,” is a prime example of that with the lines, “There I go again, shoulda kept my ass in bed, just like mama said.”  The same repetitiveness could also be found in “Scars,” and “Dirty Mind.”

There are moments when it feels like the rhymes are forced and that the messages the lyrics contain are being lost a bit. The good thing though is that they are quite light-hearted and fun so the impact of any mixed or muddled message isn’t the same as it would be in a song of heavier content.

While I appreciated the overall effort of the song in the way that it was delivered, and in the appeal it could have to those who were to listen to it in a dance party setting where it would be all about just moving to the beat and having fun, I was disappointed a bit that there was nothing to “Kanye’s in my Head,” that distinguished it from other similar pieces of music.

The overall sound consistency between “Kanye’s in my Head,” and the other pieces of Boy Epic’s work that I was able to locate, “Scars,” and “Dirty Mind” was wonderful. There was a cohesiveness that would allow a listener to sit and enjoy them back to back without anything coming across as jarring or out of place.

Boy Epic has a clear handle on how to use the synth and how to produce sound in a way that does not overpower the lyrical delivery. It was all very clean and very harmonious. There was a pleasantness to the music that would mesh well with a club atmosphere and lend itself as a good track to dance to. There are certainly those out there who will love and appreciate Boy Epic’s offerings both musically and in the style of the music video, which fit the song wonderfully.

Publicity team name: Renee
Artist: Boy Epic
Year: 2017
Genre: cinematic alternative/rock-pop
Artist Bio: I am a character living in my own movie.

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