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Indie pop powerhouse Dearly channels heartache in new single “Forget Your Love,” out now. Previously known as Amanda Jones, Dearly dropped her debut single “Get With You Alone” (produced by Caleb Turman and Austin Bello) in May of 2018, racking up a cool 120,000+ Spotify streams, and gaining pop notoriety on her social media accounts. A seamless blend of soulful indie pop with a vibrant electro twist, “Forget Your Love” is the perfect representation of Dearly’s rebrand, while simultaneously painting a vivid story of holding onto memories of a love that could have been. A seasoned pop veteran, vocalist Amanda Jones made the choice in 2018 to shift gears and bring to light to her most authentic artistry through the stage name Dearly.

About the single, Dearly states:

“Right before co-writing this song with my producer Caleb Turman (Forever The Sickest Kids, TEAM*), I went on a date with someone that I never saw again (I was left on read indefinitely). This song to me is that feeling of meeting someone, having that special spark, wondering what the future may hold – and never seeing them again. Holding onto those memories and wondering what could have been for the rest of your days. I hope that listeners can feel the honesty in the lyrics of “Forget Your Love” and the emotions I carried while writing it.”

24 year old velvet-obsessed indie pop artist Dearly wanted to adopt a stage moniker that encompassed every facet of her artistry; someone sincere, open, and deeply invested in her art. Inspired greatly by her interpersonal relationships, Dearly (previously known as Amanda Jones), promises a slick combination of dreamy vocal melodies and groovy baselines, her own personal artistic equation. Although well-seasoned in the music industry, having gone by her birth name on stage for many years prior, Dearly is approaching this new era rather personally, with a clear-cut indie-based vision showcased in her new single “Forget Your Love” (out NOW). Diving into her artistry unapologetically, she is Dearly.

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