Das Kope Releases ‘Where I Live’ Album With Dreamy Lo-Fi Single “Fascination”

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Los Angeles-via-Brazil artist Das Kope released his debut album Where I Live April 16. It is a fittingly apocalyptic, psychedelic portrait of a rebel in isolation, including the latest lo-fi, spacey single “Fascination.” Das Kope explains: “It’s easy for me to find ideas of isolation and anxiety in the album’s lyrics that relate to the feeling that people around the world seem to be sharing because of this crisis. Even though I originally projected those feelings because of my artistic and personal struggles as a musician, I think they’re still very relatable to right now.”

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Even before this, Das Kope would always create in solitude – the whole album (and his name made out of letters in ‘kaleidoscope’) is purely his, from the production of the tracks to the animated visuals, he does it all himself. The project explores his journey from the concrete jungle of São Paulo, Brazil to Los Angeles, CA where infinite ideas held him hostage in his Hollywood apartment. Reminiscent of Tame Impala and Ariel Pink with a “Beach Boys trapped in a Black Mirror episode” vibe, he’s toured with STRFKR and has been featured in Fresh Finds and Modern Psychedelia playlists on Spotify, who also acknowledged his self-made visuals as “groundbreaking.”




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