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Most beautiful beaches in Croatia

Planning to spend your summer vacation in Croatia? Great idea! Not only is this country full of incredible historical monuments and has loads of culture you can enjoy, but it also has what every summer tourist craves the most – great beaches! These are some of the best beaches in the world, with the crystal-clear sea, fine sand, and a gentle breeze for the ultimate relaxation. However, there are a few beaches that stand out when it comes to their sheer beauty, and we will point them out to you in the rest of this article. Read on and see which are the most beautiful beaches in Croatia!

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Zlatni rat, Bol (the island of Brač)

Zlatni rat is THE most famous beach in Croatia, and for some very good reasons. It’s not sandy (fine pebbles cover its surface), but it’s nevertheless incredibly beautiful. The sea is crystal-clear, and the hills above it are dotted with pine trees for the ultimate Mediterranean experience. The nearby little town of Bol is an exquisite example of a typical Mediterranean town, with perfectly maintained stone houses, wonderful restaurants, and a few nice bars.

This is all located on the island of Brač, the third biggest island on Croatia’s coast. The island is also right across the city of Split, the second-largest city in the country, so it’s fairly accessible and easy to reach. The locals and tourists alike love this beach, but when we tell you that Zlatni rat changes its shape depending on the tide, we bet you won’t wait for another second to start planning your trip there.

Šunj (the island of Lopud)

If you’re more of a person for sandy beaches, head to the island of Lopud, near the magnificent city of Dubrovnik. This is as close to a tropical paradise as you can come on the Mediterranean: lush pine forest all around you, the azure sea in front of you, and a strip of fine sand beneath you. This place is magical, and the locals on the island will be more than happy to give you a ride in their golf carts!

So, if you’re visiting Dubrovnik (which you definitely should), Šunj is a beach that compliments this incredible city perfectly. And if you’re looking for the right type of accommodation to go along with all of this, you should be able to find some excellent villas for rent in the vicinity. Book one of those, and this will be a vacation fit for a king.

Srebrna (the island of Vis)

Srebrna means “silver” in Croatian, and it is a perfect name for this incredible beach. The sea has shaped the pebbles covering it so perfectly that they glisten in the moonlight. So if you find yourself here at night, you’re in for something very special. However, that does not mean this beach has nothing to offer during the day. Quite the contrary! Its secluded location and untouched nature make sure your stress will simply melt away when you get here, and we don’t even have to mention that the sea is pristine. What we do have to mention, however, is the fact that a dense pine forest surrounds this beach as well, which means there is plenty of shade for everyone to enjoy. And while Vis is not that close to the mainland, it can still be reached by ferry or a catamaran from Split in a fairly reasonable amount of time.

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Rajska plaža (the island of Rab)

Time to move up to the Northern Adriatic and visit another aptly named beach. Rajska plaža means “heavenly beach” in Croatian – you’ll see why they named it like that as soon as you come here. It’s a strip of sand almost 2 kilometers in length with an amazing view of the mountains in front of you and some quaint and picturesque villages around it. There is certainly room for everyone here, plus there are plenty of facilities for the visitors. Parasailing, slides, beach volleyball, and all that good stuff are yours for the taking here, and if you decide to bring a dog with you, the southern part of the beach is reserved for all our four-legged friends. Oh, and CNN named this one of the top 100 beaches in the world. Enough said!

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Klančac (Istria, near the village of Brseč)

Last but not least, we have Klančac. This beauty is located in Istria, that triangular-shaped peninsula on Croatia’s northern end. And if you want some peace and quiet, a place where nobody will disturb you, then this is most certainly it. With beautiful cliffs towering over this small pebble beach, you will have all the peace you could ever want and then some. There is nothing here except for the beach and the sound of waves crashing against the rocks. You can only come here on foot or by boat, and only a handful of people can fit on the beach. So, come early with a bunch of friends and get all the best spots to enjoy an incredible day.

It should also be mentioned that Istria is home to some of the best villas in Croatia, so this is an excellent way to live it up on your vacation. Combine that with this incredible beach, try some Malvazija, the famous Istrian white wine, and you will be in paradise, that we can guarantee.



While these are undoubtedly some incredible beaches, the Croatian coast has many more fascinating places you can explore. Whether you want to enjoy the hot sand or simply find solitude among some steep cliffs, you will always have plenty of options to jump into the Adriatic. Many will have many other suggestions which beaches should also appear on this list, and that’s perfectly fine. There are so many great places for a vacation around here that even Croatians themselves can’t agree on which beach is the best and most beautiful one.

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