Circle the Earth Release Danceable Pop-Rock Single “Could Be You”

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Multicultural pop-rock band Circle the Earth has released “Could Be You,” an energetic track that encourages listeners to let loose and break from routine life. The lively beat and vocals generate an authentic, feel-good song. The single is now available on digital music platforms worldwide.

“Could Be You” is indicative of the cheerful and exciting feelings Circle the Earth aims to foster in its listeners. The song was inspired by a memorable, bold night out lead vocalist Khadia Handon had while living in Cuernavaca, Mexico. “Normally, I tend to worry that if I let loose too much, something bad or unsafe can happen, so I try to play life more on the safe side,” explains Handon. “However, this night, I buried that person inside and let the riskier side of me come out to play.” The single begins with Handon narrating her need to escape and rejoice in an adventurous night out. She sings, “Let’s go insane for the night. Feels like I’m caged, I’m an animal, gotta break away. It’s time to let go tonight.” The beat reaches its pinnacle on the chorus as the strong, funky guitar riffs and deep, rhythmic drumming mesh with the rangy, animated vocals that exclaim, “I wanna hear somebody, say you want my body. I’m gonna make somebody’s day. I wanna meet somebody, feel like being naughty.” “Could Be You” encourages the listener to look forward to their next thrilling night out and romantic encounter. The song demonstrates Circle the Earth’s impressive group chemistry. Mikal Blue, who has worked with the likes of OneRepublic and Five for Fighting, produced the song. It was written by Circle the Earth members Khadia Handon and Sandy Chao Wang as well as Jaylien Wesley, who has produced and written for many noteworthy acts, including Akon,, Britney Spears, Ty Dolla Sign, T-Pain, and Snoop Dogg.

Circle the Earth was founded by band member and bass player, Michael McBay and includes Khadia Handon (lead vocals), Kazuki Tokaji (lead guitar), Sandro Feliciano (drums), Sandy Chao Wang (keyboardist), Lauren Richards (harmony vocals), and Whitney Claire Kaufman (harmony vocals). The inspiration for the name, Circle the Earth, came from each member bringing a different ethnicity, background, and region of the world to the group. Additionally, each band member also brings with them a wide range of musical influences, which has contributed to shaping Circle the Earth’s unique sound. The group has opened for noteworthy artists such as Wyclef Jean, Macy Gray, and Smokey Robinson. The band’s energy and sound have been on display at prominent venues like The Rose Bowl, The Sunset Strip Music Festival, and The Watts Festivals.

Circle the Earth exhibits their fun and upbeat nature on “Could Be You.”

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