Chris Hill’s New Video Spins Darkness into Hope

Aiden Faire
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Chris Hill and the Stardust Crush is really more of a music community than a band. Based in Seattle, this music community has no specific genre. With Chris Hill doing most of the writing, instrumentation, and singing, their sound ranges from jazz to rhythm and blues to world music. They also employ soundscapes and ambient sounds within their music giving it an ethereal feeling, even with lyrics that lean more folksy.

They recently released their song “The Gravity of the Goddess (No One Else Can Dance Like You),” a psychedelic rock meets downtempo style song with a hint of a Bob Dylan sort of feeling to it. The song itself has lots of symbolism within the lyrics. He refers to the Japanese Kintsugi method in pottery in the line “the broken bowl will be glued with gold…stronger and more beautiful, behold.” With Kintsugi, you repair broken pottery with liquid gold, making it stronger and more beautiful than when the pottery wasn’t broken. This is a gorgeous metaphor for us has human beings. We break, but we can repair ourselves and come out stronger and more beautiful. “Sometimes we get to point of just wanting to throw ourselves away or life away during hard times, but we are worth repairing,” says Chris. “Human struggle, if traveled through with the right attitude can make us more stronger and more beautiful than before.”

The video brings even more symbolism to the song. He utilizes images that appear to oppose each other, but actually shows us that what appears to be different is actually the same. “‘The Gravity of the Goddess’ video reveals how things seemingly juxtaposed are actually connected at a deeper level,” shares Chris. “Such as walking through the woods day and night, or a film of boxing juxtaposed against lyrics about dancing. A small spinning Earth travels through an evergreen forest located upon its own spherical body… It is still at home even as it travels and so are you. You will encounter obstacles along your own yellow brick road through space but you can overcome them by knowing your self-worth…This knowledge is the key to the Emerald City.”

The Gravity of the Goddess (Official Music Video)

“The Gravity of the Goddess (No One Else Can Dance Like You)” uses the piano and instrumentation to exemplify the strength that everyone has within them. It’s a beautifully written song with extraordinary depth through the use of sounds and poetic lyrics soaked in metaphor. We are excited to see what Chris Hill and the Stardust Crush have in store.

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