BoyCoupon Releases Elevating New Single “Liftoff”

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Genre-lavish duo BoyCoupon is back with an electrifying track, “Liftoff.” The song mixes electronic elements containing energetic synthesizers and rock energy. This track definitely brings the galactic energy necessary to entice fans and keep them listening over and over.

Starting with a  long, low bass and a sample from the original Apollo 11 mission, Liftoff establishes itself as a mid-tempo, quasi-bedroom-pop tune with jungle percussion and electric guitar before soaring into its infectious, galactic-conquest-themed choruses. The lead baritone vocals peak over the instrumental to chant about “coming out of the atmosphere” and “letting the wrath begin.” The song then transitions into a trance-like, vibe-establishing bridge section with eerie synthesizers fitting the imperialistic nature of the lyrics. After the down-tempo ambient soundscape outro, a psychedelic guitar sequence perfectly concludes the song with a burst of energy needed to enliven the audience.

“The genre-fluid dyad pulls inspiration from an overflowing cup of music knowledge and mastery to create a decadent listening experience that resonates with you long after the song’s conclusion.”

This song is a must add to your playlist.

Overall, this song continues to prove BoyCoupon’s innovation abilities and skill.

Make sure to check out “Liftoff” below and follow BoyCoupon on Instagram.

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